August 8, 2012

WIWW - night out

Ah, What I Wore Wednesday - - holds me accountable to "dress up" (aka, more than a tshirt and gym shorts) at least a couple times a week (I don't know how some of you show 7 outfits each week - that's dedication!)

So, first up, my monthly book club broke outside our normal routine and had a Girls Night Out - dinner and shopping on the Plaza, before book club started....

perfect opportunity to step it up - - I wore my mint jeans with purple accents....

And then later that week was another night out - - Trevor and I went to see The Dark Night for Trevor's birthday.  I came down, ready to go  - - I wore a fancy necklace, trouser jeans, sky blue tank, sweater (the movie theater is always cold!) , and these really-hard-to-walk-in coral wedges that I found at a thrift store on vacation:
 Anyways, I came down, ready to go and Trevor claimed he was ready too - - funny that even one of the kids commented on how I was dressed up but he wasn't...
So funny that I made him take a WIWW picture with me.  And I think he's posting his first WIWW post today - and I bet it's worth reading.... So I Married a Craft Blogger

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11 Fabulous Comments:

Love those mint jeans! You always look so cute! And yes, Trevors blog was worth reading today! It usually is. You two are the cutest couple in blog land!

A-DORABLE as always!!! I need to get me some of those fun colored jeans that you girls are always rockin'! :)

You look amazing in those mint jeans!! My husband was shopping with me and I asked about colored skinny jeans and he said he didn't like them at all. :( Maybe one of these days I'll try it.
I'm so happy to see you wearing your Cookie Lee necklace!!! It looks terrific on you and with the outfit! :)

I love that necklace! I'm one of those people who doesn't dress up much either! As comfortable as I am in my "not so nice" clothes, as awesome it feels to dress up and get all decked out :) So much hard work though!!! haha

You are the only person I know who can wear those skinny mint jeans and look fabulous in them. Maybe you should wear a sign on your back that says, 'Don't try this at home,' because lots of people try wearing those and look...(trying to be nice)...less than fabulous. :-)

Love the jeans and wedges! Came over from you husband's, too funny! Look forward to looking around yours more!

Look at you, mama! Looking all sexy in stuff in those mint skinny jeans!!! :)

The pops of purple with the mint and white was the perfect touch! You two crack me up... that's about how my hubs gets dressed up for stuff. ;)

Both great outfits! I almost always dress up for dates with my hubs, but he doesn't! ;)

Such cute outfits! I love those pink wedges. :)

-Mary @

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