August 1, 2012

WIWW - random

So, I'm cheating this week.  I didn't wear much to show off for What I Wore Wednesday, so I just went back through my pictures and picked a few outfits from the past few weeks that for some reason I forgot to post about.  But there's a reason I'm being lazy - I have been wearing paint clothes and working hard on my living/dining room- here's the start of something great:

But anyways, you're here for outfits....

I forgot I had this shirt - it's kind of short and flowy, and the last time I wore it I thought it was kind of weird, but this time I'm liking it...

 A few weeks ago we went to a concert in the park for a U2 cover band - it was really fun.  I just threw on shorts and a shirt, but added the necklace to step it up a notch.  The shirt has kind of odd sleeves and I don't love it:

And also a few weeks ago, I went on a date with Trevor to our church's temple - I hadn't ever worn this dress without a sweater over it, but I thought with a shirt under it that it looked a little jumper-ish and acceptable.  And I went a little crazy with the tone-on-tone aqua necklace and shirt:

So, have you been sticking with dressing up?? Summer is so hard - it's hot, and we're doing projects, so no reason to go all out.  Good thing I have WIWW to keep me in check, or I'd wear my jammies every day.

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I hope you post more on your living room, it looks like it will be awesome!

The t-shirt in the first pic is really cute!
Looking forward to seeing the stencil project!

SO I'm going to be working from home soon... and I am REAL nervous about falling into the jammies all the time bit! Hoping WIWW will keep me accountable too! :)

I love your "stage name". I feel like I am failing miserably at being a proverbs 31 wife at the mo and especially today. Thanks for the little reminder :-)

Love the dress and aqua top but maybe the necklace is a bit busy? I am just glad when I get to wear one outfit per day at the mo because we have started to wean the baby. I thought it was messy last time but this time we have our toddler "helping" too! All good fun I guess

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