September 20, 2012

Baby Shower Wreath - Interchangeable!

For a baby shower I hosted, I thought it would be great to have a Baby Shower Wreath on my door to greet guests - and I LOVE how it turned out:

I thought of the gray and pink theme because I was looking at the wreath I'm making for Halloween (some of you saw this on FB - I'm still deciding if I want it to say "EEK!" - I'm thinking yes...) and I thought it'd make a great base for a baby shower wreath:

So I took the spiders off and whipped up a cluster of flowers and the pennant that says "BABY".  I was about to hot glue all the flowers on to the wreath when I realized that if I hot glued them on, I don't think they would come off the yarn without tearing it up.  So what to do.....

I ended up hot gluing them in a cluster to a piece of felt.  Then I glued  a few strands of yarn to that, like so:
And that way I just wrapped the cluster around the wreath and tied it into place - you kind of see that here:

I thought I was a genius to figure it out!  Now imagine the possibilities of using the gray yarn wreath for all different types of wreaths - endless!

Here's an upclose shot of the flowers I made and bunched together:

And a backed-out view of the door:

(what, you're thinking "that's not her door" - you're right.  My door is plum colored.  But I thought the gray and pink would look awesome on a black door, so that's where I had pictures taken.  Very observant.)

So go try and make an interchangeable wreath - it's fun!! You can do it!

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16 Fabulous Comments:

Great idea!! I think "EEK!" would be good on the Spider wreath

Neat idea. It's nice to be able to interchange the wreath as needed. Super fun with the spiders :)

Thanks Mandy!! I was just telling my mom how I want to make an interchangable wreath...this one is adorable! And now I know how to change things too. :-)

I love the base gray that you used- such a great idea. I super love the baby shower flower element you made (and how simple it is to change out!) Such greatness, my dear!


So cute! Just bought a bunch of yarn in that color and have been deciding how to use it...hmmmm.... lol

I love this wreath because it is cute but the fact that it is interchangeable is genius!

Love it Mandy, I always enjoy being able to change things out!

Love the spider version!! very spooky :)

What a GREAT idea!! Both wreaths are adorable!!

I am all about multitasking especially when it comes to home decor. What a great idea.

Love that it can go from completely sweet to creepy in seconds!

This is super cute. How did you make the part that says "Baby"?

Hi Ann! I made it using a hand-crank die-cut that I have that cuts letters and shapes out of cardstock. I'm sure you could find similar letters and shapes in the scrapbook aisle of a craft store. Good Luck!

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