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In accessorizing my living room, I wanted a few custom things.  Our last name means “keeper of the bees” so I’m always drawn to a bee theme.  Hence this blog title.  Anyways, I stenciled a bee silhouette a couple of places and am here to show you a quick tutorial.

But first, heads up, I got the inside scoop that today on Pick Your Plum is going to be huge.  I’ll let you know if I hear more, but so far I do know that there will be WAY more than just one product offered today. Lots of new products never shown as well. Be sure to check it out – I order from them all the time.

Alright, let’s start with the pot.  I bought that little pot at Michael’s on 70% off clearance, so it was less than $1, and it was the perfect color for my room.  I used Martha Stewart paint and a Martha Stewart stencil from Michael’s.

The stencil was on a whole sheet of stencils, but it was hard for me to bend the whole sheet to get it to lay flat on the pot, so I just cut the bee out – worked perfectly.  I just dabbed on paint, and that was it.  Probably a five minute project, and it adds a fun personal touch to the room.

I had an empty frame (it’s from Cut It Out) on my Gallery Wall.  At first I wanted to find a bee statue thing for a 3D look, but that was impossible to track down.  So plan B, stencil in a bee.  I used burlap because I wanted the texture variety that it added.

This time I didn’t use the stencil because it was a smaller scale than I wanted.  I found a bee image in the Silhouette Store and cut it out onto contact paper with my Cameo and used that as a stencil.

To make the burlap plaque I wrapped a piece of cardboard in burlap and secured it with hot glue (and then left my hot glue gun plugged in for a week and burnt it up – oops.)

Stick the stencil down to the front:

Then dab on paint.  I did one layer and thought it needed to be thicker and darker so I dabbed on another layer when the first one was still wet.  That was a bad move because the paint seeped under the lines of the stencil:

 But I didn’t mind – it still had the outline and general look I was going for, so I didn’t redo it.  I enjoy how it adds variety to the wall (over on the right side):

 What have you stenciled lately? I feel like stenciling is making a comeback….

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    I LOVE bees! I am always pinning bee art images on pinterest. I was on a mission to find bee jewelry, but didn’t like the prices, so made some of my own. I would like to incorporate bees in to my decorating as well. Any more bee ideas?


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