September 10, 2012

Dining Room - Stencil!

I know I haven't shown you all the things in my dining room, but today I thought I'd show a's a big improvement!

Before it was just kind of boring.  And the sad thing is that I picked the colors - we painted them when we first moved in and I never loved them.  Now that it's crisper and funner I feel that it has so much more personality.  We had some people over for dinner and as they walked in they said "your house is so FUN!" and I thought to myself  - "my work here is done" because that's the message that I want my house to convey.

A couple more "before" shots - - my dining room and living room open up to each other, and are the first thing to the right when you walk in the house:

And a couple more "after" shots:

Obviously the star of the show in the dining room is the stencil.  I've have several comments on other posts and facebook that say "love the wallpaper" - but it's a stencil!  Tons of work, but so worth it.

I got the stencil when I won a contest at Royal Design Studio - it's called Endless Circles.  The paint color looks white, but it's gray.  I painted the wall a dark gray, then painted on the light gray - which is the same color in the living room (with the Gallery Wall).  It's an optical illusion that it looks like a lighter color.

The start of the stenciling:

I have done an all-over stencil before, but only on one wall.  This time I did the whole room above the chair rail.  And let me tell you - corners are super tricky!!  But I kept at it, and did a lot of hand touch-up work, and it's looking good.  Here's where I was going back around doing the very top so that the stencil covered the whole wall:

I am obviously a big fan of stencils - see other things I've done:

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 Stencils are so cool lately!  They have tons of designs to choose from to fit your personality.  They give you the look of high-end wallpaper without the price - or commitment - you could just paint over it when you're ready for a change.  I love how it gave my dining room a Statement.

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I love the stencil pattern and it looks great in this space. The turquoise really adds a "pop" and adds an element of fun. Great job.

Looks great! I'm just about to start a stenciling project, too! :)

Wow! It looks fantastic. Oh what patience you have! It must've been quite long to stencil, let dry and repeat! I love the look but am not sure I'd be able to pull it off :)

Love it!!! So pretty!!! I'm a huge fan of stencils! I'm dying to do a wall (or a room!) in my house but we're renting so the most I've been able to do were the fronts of some ugly painted cabinet doors in our bathroom.

Wow that looks like a ton of work but is so so beautiful!! Looks incredible!

This turned out beautiful! If you haven't already, I'd love it if you'd link this up at One Creative Weekend on (The party is open Fri-Wed.)

I totally love your stencil work! I am wanting to do this to my dining room now!

Your room is so happy and fun now and really reflects the fun personality you have! I have to try this too.

I am loving it! The grey with the pops of the aqua blue are so fun!!! Love that FUN is the message you want to send with your home! :)

Gorgeous! I love the stencil you chose!

this is gorgeous! would you please share the GRAY color used on your walls ? I live in a Victorian with the same wood Color and It feels like i've attempted many but none that look as pretty as yours. I love the stenciling.. Very Chic!

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