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Hi, I’m Kilee, visiting over from ONE little MOMMA. I’m a momma, a business owner, a trend spotter and designer. I have always loved dressing for fall more than any other season and I am excited to share a few style ideas with you guys today about upcoming fall trends. No matter how you dress or what your style, here are a few ideas to incorporate them into your style.

Trend Spotting- Belted Jackets

A big trend this fall and winter is belted jackets and coats. I love jackets. An updated jacket is a great way to update outfits that you already own and wear. This look is for every age and every size. A belted jacket is perfect for shrinking waists and adding curves in all the right places.

For the more daring, military inspired jackets with belts are very chic this year. Army green is a great neutral for fall and can be worn with any other colors. It is a casual look, but will really look smart with a pair of brown leather boots, a knit top and simple jewelry.

Another option is a classic trench coat, belted. This jacket can be dressed up or down and will pull together any outfit. Pair it with a great handbag, dark jeans and some ballet flats and you will look fabulous.

All of these jackets will keep you warm this fall and really modernize your look. These jackets can be found at every price point. I’d recommend Target or Old Navy if you just want to try out the look for the season and Ann Taylor or Banana Republic for longer lasting outerwear.

I have had my military jacket from Eddie Bauer for 2 years now and I still love it. However my jacket did not come belted, so I plan to use a woven belt to add some shape to it this fall. If you already have a jacket or trench coat that you love- get creative with one of your everyday belts. Try a few out and see how you like this trend on you. Here are a few options that I think fit the bill perfectly.

Trend Spotting- Wine and Tomato

I’m also excited to share a few hot colors for fall. I LOVE color and its really the only area in my life that I’m a perfectionist in. Its just my thing. So, as I have been scouting out fall fashion in the last few months, these are two colors I have been crushing on, together and apart.

Wine, Merlot, burgundy, raspberry, cranberry- a deep-purple-red is one color to watch. The color of red wine is a huge color for fall. Pair it with dark denim, leopard print, black, cream, leather, jade green, gray, lace and browns.

This deep red is gorgeous, but honestly not a color that I have much of in my closet. I’m not ready to commit to a closet full, but by purchasing a few accessories in this color, I can add pops of it into my wardrobe. I have purchased a hat and nail polish and am on the hunt for just the right printed scarf. If you are like me, then here are a few ways to easily put some of this color into your life.  Go ahead and try a scarf, a pair of TOMS, ballet flats, nail polish, or a piece of jewelry. If you are more daring, go with a long maxi skirt, a knit blazer or even lipstick in a lovely shade of burgundy.

Another great color this fall is tomato red. This red-orange color pairs perfectly with burgundy and everything that burgundy pairs with. (Both shades of red will look amazing with your new belted army jacket as well!)

I also don’t own or wear a lot of this color red. Its washes me out, so instead of a red shirt or jacket, I carry a bright red handbag or wear a pair of tomato red flats. Try a pair of gloves, a scarf, a bracelet or some nail polish. If you are really daring try a pair of GAP’s skinny boot cords or rock some Revlon’s ColorBurst Lipbutter in Tutti Frutti.

Want to keep up on the fashion tips and trends??  Be sure to follow along at ONE little MOMMA for all of that and more – check it out!

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    I wish I could “like” that comment above me!!
    I found a cute pair of slouch boots on ebay that Im going to purchase for $16.19.. I want to get them in that tan color that has a SLIGHT tinge of orange to it (it is still very brown/tan), but Im wondering if it will be a “classic” in my closet.. I like to keep things for a long time. My other options are grey and black (all three colors are pleather-like). Any thoughts on the colors, ladies?
    Here is a peak at them… let me know which color you think will last through the trend changes over the years! THANKS ;)

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