Hair from Pinterest – TESTED!

So I have a Pinterest style board for HAIR where I occasionally pin ideas for my girls’ hair (they’re 7 and 5 years old).  There are so many cool hairstyles for long hair – it’s making me grow my hair out, just so I can try them!  Meanwhile, my girls are my guinea pigs.  Here’s a few we’ve attempted lately:

Maiden Braids – these are a keeper – – fun but not too complicated, and they look great:

You basically do several regular braids on each side, then wrap them over the top of the head and pin them. Then we pulled up the back and did a few pin curl things.  You can find the full tutorial at The Glamour Depot:

No Heat Curls  – everyone’s doing these, so we had to give a go.  And for us it was a big fail!  We used wet hair, so I’m thinking that might have been the issue – – I want to give it a try again.



Super disappointment:

But the ones over at MichaelaNoelle look awesome, so check out that tutorial and tell me if it works for you:

Hair Bow (literally) – I whipped this up one day without consulting the tutorial – it’s cute and fun.  I think I could have done an even better job if I would have looked over how to make it instead of just winging it.

 Okay, so I can’t find the original tutorial – I think the site that this one links to might have taken the steps from another site, so I’ll just point you to my Pin URL instead – sorry about that.  I like how they only used a chunk of hair from each side instead of the whole half-up.

3 Pony Pincurls – LOVED this one.  So easy, just a couple of minutes.  But looks amazing.

 Basically you just put the hair into 3 low messy ponytails (where you only pull the hair halfway through).  Then pin big chunks all around.  You can read more of the details of the tutorial at Glamour.

Chanel spring 2009

In the past we’ve done the basket weave and the braid around the head thing:

 Anyways, do you have any other hairstyles we should try??  Let me know and we’ll give it ago!

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  1. says

    Hey Mandy!

    Cute hair!!! I love the maiden braids. Well, I love them all, and I am jealous that you have a little girl to play with … I have a son and he lets me do his hair (he’s 14 months) but it’s not quite the same ;)

    I also tried the heatless curls and they flopped with her tutorial, but I found another that works for me…
    It’s on (I didn’t find it on pinterest, but it works great) It’s the first part of the video.
    I do it a bit different in that I don’t add product and I do it dry and then use a squirtbottle to spray the hair after I wrap it in the headband because my hair takes AGES to dry and if I start damp it’ll be damp in the morning… I do this and in the morning I rip out the headband and go. I don’t have to touch up curls – I could if I wanted it more polished, but I’m a rather lazy creature.

    Anyway, I hope that helps!

    <3 Jessie

  2. says

    The best luck I have had with the no heat curls is to use slightly damp hair and sleep on it. If you want curls like the picture, it needs to be dry hair with product and leave in for 3-5 hours depending on the thickness of hair. I also spray the crap out of my hair after it is rolled up. I loved to do this to my hair before I chopped it off a few months ago. I had just below shoulder length hair, so that may be a factor as well as fine hair.

    • says

      I have to agree with Alanya – for the curls to be like the picture, they have to be completly dry and with product.. i usually do it the second day, or third day after washing.
      I allso do it wit socks too – just part the hair in three – and take two pairs of kneesocks and just wrap and tie each section… sleep on it, and voila – soft bouncy curls… for a more “blow out” look, just use a thicker sock…

  3. says

    LOVE all the hairstyles on pinterest myself. We’ve tried a few and the girls loved them. Yours came out awesome. I’ve been wanting to do the basket weave, but it probably takes FOREVER and with two little divas it would take even longer:) I love doing the girls hair but on school mornings, it just takes way too much time!

  4. says

    How fun! We did the heatless curls and they were FABULOUS!!!! But nope, you can’t do it with wet hair. In fact we start with 100% dry hair and then add a touch of hairspray before they head to bed (or if I’m feeling daring I’ll put a little no tangles in before I “roll” but just a very little). I’ve never been able to have such gorgeous curls for my girls before! You do have to watch how small your sections are and how tight you wrap – too little or too tight will make for a poodle the next morning (which is, interestingly, what we ended up with when we did the sock curls). Try it again!

  5. says

    the trick on the no-heat curls is 1) use mousse, and plenty of it, before you wrap the hair; and 2) you want the hair just-slightly-more-than-damp. Wet hair won’t dry enough, dry hair won’t curl enough. Maybe an hour or so out of the tub, or just take dry hair and mist it well with a spray bottle as you go. Good luck!

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