September 3, 2012

Mustache Window Clings and Kindergarten Colors

Yes, this post contains a cat in a mustache. Keep reading...
My mom has been crafting.  I think it's just so she can link up to Trevor's link party (it starts tonight, just like mine).  Anyways, she showed up last week with these Mustache Clings she had made.  I thought they were odd at the time, but let me tell you, they are a hit!  She blogged about them (Mustache Clings) and said they only cost like $0.05 to make....

They are stuck onto the side windows by our front door - so whenever a neighbor kid rings the doorbell to see if our kids can play, they press their face to the window as they wait for someone to answer the door (all kids do that, right?!).  For us looking at out them, they have on mustaches - pretty funny:

They are also funny to stick onto mirrors.  And pictures (yep, when I showed off my Gallery Wall the other day, one of the pictures had a mustache stuck to it that I forgot to take off - now you have to go back and see, don't you....)

But the best part of all is that the kids put one down low on our back sliding door - - so when our cat peers in, she's a cat in a mustache - now that's funny!

In other fun going-ons, it was color week in Kindergarten last week.  The kids dressed a different color each day.  I meant to take a picture everyday because my daughter was rockin' the colors.  But I forgot on most days - I did remember rainbow day (the last day) and blue day, which was her best outfit - because not much can top blue leggings with a blue skirt and a blue shirt and blue hair accessories!
 I wanted to post her outfits so I could link up to WKWW - that's What Kid's Wore, over at One Little Momma - (I think it posts tonight - either that or tomorrow morning).

Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!!

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I love staches! Ive even considered getting a little one tattooed on my right pointer finger for those moments when you just need a stach!

Hi mandy, I love your blog and ideas. I learn so much from you. I tried clicking on the link to your mom's blog, but it went to your post about your gallery wall.

Maybe it's just me, but your site has a weird background and I cannot read your blog. Finding a way to leave a comment wasn't easy either.
Just telling you because apparently I was the only one who could see my blog all weekend and only one person let me know it.

These are too cute! Love the kids' outfits too :)

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