September 17, 2012

Paper Crafting - mobile, boxes, and party decor

This post is going to be a long one - I thought I'd roll several projects into one post instead of bombarding you will a bunch of different posts to sift through, so be sure to scroll down to see all the projects.

All the projects were make with my Epic 6 diecut hand-crank machine and dies from Lifestyle Crafts.  Remember you can get a discount using the code SUGARBEE.

First up, Spider Mobile....

I used the spider die cut and tried to go for an ombre effect.  I had issues getting the hoops to hang straight, but then I just told myself that wonky just played into the spooky side of things, so I went with it.  Here's looking up at it hanging on my porch:
I just hot glued threads to the spiders and then to the embroidery hoop.  The embroidery hoop is painted black and then painted with glitter paint for that extra pop.  I hung the lighter spiders near the top and the darker spiders near the bottom.

I used the spiders from Tricks n Treats collection which will be in stock later this week - I can't imagine trying to hand-cut those intricate spiders!  The whole collection:

My favorite die-cuts are the little boxes - so cute and useful!  So if you'll notice in the choices above, there's a box shaped like a coffin - I thought that was so fun for Halloween:
And it'll be a fun way to package treats:

Second major project - - the garland for the baby shower:

I used the doily rosette die cut and took pictures of the process in case you wondered how die cuts work.  You roll them through the hand crank machine, and it cuts the outline and scores all the fold lines:
Then fold along all those fold lines:
 Glue the ends of the strip together and push the middle of the bunch down - voila, flower!

Then just make a bunch and hang them - I used twine and loved the texture it added.  I also love how the doily flowers are 3D and not flat.

 That die came in the Fall Core Collection 2:

 And of course since that collection came with a box, I had to try it out.  Again, here's what it looks like after I cranked it through:
 And then hot glue the tabs to form a box:
 Isn't it cute??
 The unique part of this box is the flip top lid - love it!!

PHEW!  did you stick with me to the end?  I think I caught you up on all the Paper Crafting I've been up to.  Remember, you can find all the dies I used at Lifestyle Crafts and they can be used in almost all hand-crank die cut machines!!  Here's a handy clickable button if you want to check them out:

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Mandy, thank you for getting me in the creative spirit....I say yayyy to that!! I love all of your creations.

I love them all so it is hard to pick a favorite....I have to say that I really love that die-cut for the rosette, though. It' so cute. Thanks so much for sharing!!

I love the ombre spiders! (cute wonkiness is totally acceptable btw.) My favorite though are those lovely little flowers!


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