Photo Tips from Lizzie – Family Pictures and Clothing

Hello lovelies!
I did a post last year giving you tips to help you with your family photos.
This time I want to help you in the wardrobe department for your family pictures.
I get asked quite often what families should wear when they get their pictures taken and I have a few tips.

Family Sample

Afterall, these are your pictures.  It is important to show your own unique style.  You and your family should be comfortable. You should feel like yourself.  Don’t wear something you don’t really like just because it goes with the color scheme.  If you don’t like it on now, chances are you won’t like it in the pictures.
Keep it simple.
This isn’t really the place for crazy prints/designs on your clothing.  You want people to be focused on you and your cute family, not the busy shirt your were wearing.
Bold, solid colors are great.  Bright colors are great too.  Just steer clear of crazy prints/designs on your clothing.

If you can…wear coordinating colors.

Personally, I am not a fan of extremely matchy-matchy family pictures (females in the same outfit and males in the same outfit) but I do like when everyone’s clothing works well with each other. I think colors should flow and go together while at the same time showing unique personalities and color pop.
Here is a picture of my family from last year.  Nothing fancy, we kept it pretty simple.  Colors went together but then we added a little red pop with the little’s shoes and my nails and jewelry.
I want to emphasize that you don’t have to be matchy-matchy.
You can all be different… just don’t wear colors that clash with each other.
In the image below my kids aren’t exactly matching but I liked the colors together so it worked, for me.

Plan ahead.

Lay out the outfits ahead of time so you can see how everything goes together.  
Keep in mind that if some people are wearing the same color, you will need to break them up in the picture. Separate them. (ie: If baby and dad are both wearing the same color, have mom hold baby.  You want everyone to stand out equally, you don’t want baby blending in with dad’s shirt.) 
Here’s a sample of some coordinating outfits…..
If you’re having a hard time deciding on a color scheme, you can always google different color pallets.  Or you Pinterest has tons of outfit color scheme ideas.


Hopefully you can use some of these tips for family pictures this Fall!
Good luck and let me know how they go!

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