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Sometimes I have tons of things to tell you, but none of it is enough for a whole post.  A lot of times I’ll stick tidbits here and there on Facebook or Instagram (SugarBeeCrafts) but today I wanted to do a post about everything – here we go…

Big Announcement Coming!! – – did you notice, this week and last week, there as a post from my new Sugar Bee Contributors??  And there are more to come – I am really excited about this.  There are some crafty areas that I’m not an expert in, so I sought out some experts to share a tutorial with you once a month. I will introduce them all to you in a big upcoming post, but I just had to tell you it’s coming.

I think most of you know I’m LDS, also known as Mormon.  If you want to know more about what some of your favorite bloggers believe, including me, check out the post at Or so she says:

There is a dynamite sale over at Paper Coterie – new customers get a $40 credit towards their first order using the code WELCOME2012 – – that’s a big deal.  I love their journals and photo books. And cards.  And everything.  Here’s my kids with the journals I ordered for them this summer:

Free pattern over at Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop worth checking out:

Image of Brooklyn Frock: 3 mos. - 8 years

I am on a podcast – really!  Trevor and I were interviewed by Dee of The CSI Project (I met her in Dallas last month at the Michaels event – she’s great) and so if you want to hear us answer her questions, have at it:

I think that’s all for now – – have a great Saturday!!  if you’re looking for projects, feel free to check out my Pinterest Boards.

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    Thanks to a previous post I got a great deal from PC! Bought a memory box and a daily journal for my sister getting married. Had a problem with one item and when I called actually talked to a live person! Handled the issue super fast and friendly! Great product and great service!

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