Scentsy – Mixing Scents (and giveaway!)

Who doesn’t love Scentsy, am I right?  I was sent a warmer and love it!!  I like how it glows like a candle, but has all the features of a Scentsy Warmer.

I get giddy when things come in the mail….

I have been trying to add some decor to my dining room.  I’m good at big projects – painting walls, etc – but when it comes to decor, I struggle knowing which trinkets to put where, etc.  But with that new vase I grabbed at Michaels (I really love it!), I think I’ve pulled this together- the warmer fits right in.

So anyways, the latest ScentTrend is Pink Pepper, and you mix it in to your other scents – fun, right!

My kiddos had a blast smelling all the scent choices and giving their opinions:

 I was going to do a 3 bar mix, and even took a picture….

 But last minute I changed my mind and went with Paradise Punch mixed with the Pink Pepper – -

 I loved Paradise Punch – it smells just like Koolaid!  But to tone that sweet smell down, I added the Pink Pepper – perfect!

And guess what – you can win a Warmer of your choice and my scents!
Just enter via Rafflecopter below – I will pick a winner next Thursday, Oct 4th, around noon.  Good Luck!

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    Would LOVE to win this! I am in love with Scentsy and have nothing but good things to say about it! The warmer you received is just lovely. Hopefully this counts as an entry!

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    I didn’t see a link for the ScentTrend website, but I think it’s a neat idea to mix your own scents. I’m not a huge fan of the Pink Pepper scent though.


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    It doesn’t show that anything is being blocked, but who knows,lol. No worries, I just get bummed that I can’t seem to enter all of your fabulous giveaways. It’s probably something I’m doing,lol

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    Where are the winners announced? This is the first contest I have ever entered on Sugar Bee, so I’m not sure. :) Wonderful blog btw… I follow both you and your husband and look forward to your posts every day.

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    I loved Scentsy so much that I started selling it 3 years ago and my life has never been the same ever since! As a mom of 4, I love that Scentsy is Family Friendly. That is even in their mission statement, and evidenced by the pictures of your children enjoying the mixing project with Pink Pepper and other Scentsy Bars. Thanks for an awesome review!

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    My kiddo, Sam, loves to smell Scentsy. He’s only 2 and seems to love them all. Everytime the UPS man leaves my house he waits for me to open the boxes so he can say mmmmmm. I’ve been a consultant for 3 years now and I’ve never looked back. It’s been such a blessing that I can still work while staying at home with Mr. Sam. So glad you liked all of your new Scentsy stuff!

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