September 24, 2012

Spraypaint Transformations

Is spraypaint one word or two? Spraypaint? Spray Paint?  And now I've typed it too much, and they both look weird...

ANYWAYS, a super easy way to transform anything - spraypaint.

I recently found this sidetable at an Estate Sale (aka, indoor garage sale of old people stuff) for $6.  I wasn't in love with it, but for $6, I couldn't say no!  A few coats of paint later, it was transformed:

Better, right?!  I put it in the corner of my dining room with a sad looking plant on it....

The spraypaint is "Ocean Breeze" and I actually used a can that I had leftover from spraying my chandelier.  Which is yet another example of the way that spraypaint can transform an item - - see, it was lovely before:
And much better now (although I still can't decide on the shades dilemma - I'm leaning towards crafting some shades made of clear beads, but I need to get that in the works...)

In both these situations, I was sure to spray on primer before spraying on the color.  The primer helps the paint to stick and helps the paint color to show strong in less coats.

After a few coats on the sidetable, I did have an issue I've never come across before - the paint started to bubble in a spot - I had to scrape it off and start over, which was a little frustrating.  So I didn't end up doing the best job on it, but I figure it's in an off-the-beaten-path corner, so it won't get too much attention.

Oh, and if you follow me on Instagram, you saw this little owl from the Dollar Store a while ago - once again, a great example of how spray paint can really change the whole look and feel of something.

Have you ever transformed something with spraypaint??  

And random, even Trevor has been spray painting - but the manly version.  Ever heard of plastidip?  I'm hoping to talk him into guest posting about it this afternoon, so stay tuned for that...
UPDATE: you can read Trevor's Plastidip Post HERE

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Mandy, that is so beautiful, love, love, love it! I just did my first spray paint redo. Posting it tomorrow,gotta say, I'm now an addict. Also I may have offered your husband the $6 you paid for it, over on his blog. :P

I love spray paint! I am starting to work on a project that might include spray paint. I am going to try it 2 ways and see which one looks better.

Wow..for $6, it looks great!!! I can just see those doors open and my cat crawling in for a nap! I love the color! Your dining room looks great! And..I love that owl too!!! I found one at Dollar General but couldn't paint it..I loved the fall colors. I have it on my desk at work with scent tarts and a candle. :)

Sei davvero troppo brava! complimenti. spero di realizzare qualcuno dei tuoi progetti.
passa a trovarmi

I love spray paint!!! I had a brass lamp I sprayed brushed nickel and it was SO pretty after that. (I also used mod podge and acrylic paint and turned it into a stained glass lamp) I think that is the best thing I have spray painted by far. I also spray painted my couch!!! it was a green vinyl and now it is white :)
my friend bought that owl to paint for my kitchen <3 I think it will be sunshine yellow and I am so excited about it!

once my 3 year old spray painted my car. that was not on purpose and it looked bad, but that is also a spray paint story. :p (in my mommy -defense I put the paint down, told him not to touch it, and went in to change a baby blowout. I came back and he was hiding behind the car)

Ocean breeze is like my favorite color. I have been using it a lot lately! Im limited on space right now but in a few months as we move into our forever home (hopefully) the projects will get a little epic.

Oh my goodness, that table looks amazing!! We just did two end tables but a regular/boring color because I was too scared...this makes me more brave! Great job!

I am the spray paint queen. Just posted about that on Friday.

I'm always afraid that the spray paint will drip! I love how your spray paint projects came out! Love the stainless looking hardware too :)

I am a definite spray paint user! I love how easily it can transform something! Great blog! I will definitely be back!
-Come by for a visit

I love spray paint. I'm more likely to grab spray paint over regular paint now. I love your room redo. It looks great!

I adore spray paint!! Its really amazing how something so easy can really transform things into something totally new and fun! I love what you did with that table!

I'm curious as to why it bubbled? Was Trevor about to shed any light on the subject?

I'm always too afraid I'll change my mind about the color; but I guess doing it again in a couple of years is half the fun!
Also, I vote definitely for no shades on the chandelier. They are ruining the whole effect! It looked way better without them!!

as usual on your blog i love everything you just posted here!! lol. That tacky old table just got a new lease on life and let me tell you i am so jealous! I want it so badly!!!

<3 Bethany @ The Sepia Puppy


How adorable! I love your ideas... newest FB fan!

I know that spray paint may be fun, but please take into account the environmental impact of the propellant and the difficulties of trying to safely dispose of the can. I now look for low VOC paints and would suggest that you try your local architectural recycling store (ours is called Ecobuilding Restore) and check what paint products and advice they may be able to give you for your next project.

Wow! Gorgeous transformation!

I used those same owls and spray painted them for my daughter's owl themed birthday party. Love what a little spray paint can do!

One of the "games" my step kids play is to go around the house and try and guess what I've spray painted. It's a bit of an addiction. Also, love the table!

Mandy, love the color on the table. I have had a problem similar to what you experienced., I believe that the problem was that the at least one of the lower levels was not dry, the layer you are spraying will not stick b/c of the dampness and it bubbles. That is just my thinking, it may well be that I have the cause and effect wrong.

About your chandelier, I don't like without the shades, but I do not like the shades you have now. Your walls seem to have white not cream in them, so I think the color needs to be lightened, and the ribbon made to match your color., maybe the style of the shade should be changed as well.Can't picture your beaded shade so I can not comment on that idea. I think the current shape is wrong for the chandelier.

Wow. pretty wordy and opinion which is not too clear and probably means nothing to you!!!

Have a great night! Jan Shore

Oh my goodness!!! I adore it and what a stinking steal of a deal. OH! And apparently I'm a poet, and I didn't know it. Love the table for reals though ;)

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