September 12, 2012

WIWW - breaking rules

Apparently I didn't step-it-up much this week because the only outfit I have to show you is from Sunday - - but here we go...

So I wore a white skirt this past Sunday (it's eyelet, but hard to see in the picture) even though I knew the rule was that you can't wear white below your waist after Labor Day - such a rebel to break the fashion rules:

 The belt has little white polka dots all over it and the sweater was a find at a thrift store from my sis-in-law who thought of me (LOVE when people shop for me!).  Anyways, what are you thoughts about the rules of fashion??  Do you follow them?  Does it matter?

And I guess here's something else I wore this week - Pitt State Tshirts.
At the game I did see a girl wearing a long-sleeved team tshirt as a dress - it was tube top style and she used the arms to tie it around the back.  I almost stopped her to ask if she'd gotten that idea off of Pinterest.  I should have taken a picture.  Do you have thoughts on what's cute to wear to a College Football Game?  I'm betting it's not just a plain ole tshirt.

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I never understood the no white after Labor Day rule. You look great you rule breaker.:)
I'm trying to find the right cute outfit to wear to my son's weekly high school football games because I feel like such a frump in my boxy t-shirt every week.

I love the outfit! You look great. Your bubble necklace would look great wirh that. I'm not a big rule follower when it comes to fashion...if it's in my closet and I feel like wearing it, I will. ;). I love all the "flashier" colors that are in style but I have to admit that I never get bored with black and white ;). Happy Wednesday to you.

Fashion has rules?!?! I follow none of them... Well except "just because they make it in your size doesnt mean you should wear it" but thats just more of a personal choice! Lol.

You look awesome! I think the rule is meant to be broken {especially when you live where the seasons don't always behave}. I love the game day dresses out there on Pinterest, but for me I would need a cardi or something to cover my arms.

Darling photo of the fam! And the outfit looks cute on you. If you had hips, you would probably not button the top of that sweater, for that triangle draws the eye to the hips. But you have a cute figure and can wear just about anything, I suspect! :-)

I like to watch "What not to wear", and I noticed there is a big sign on the opening credits that says that white is allowed after Labor day. So I"m going with that. ;)

Fashion rules should be thrown out the window! We should dress in what makes us happy and feel good about ourselves. This includes white after Labor Day :) You made your white skirt look more "fallish" by wearing it with black.

Oh, I just always abide by no white shoes after Labor Day. I think white clothing is a-ok. Cute outfit :)

As long as you aren't wearing eyelet or super lightweight linen in 30 degree weather I don't think it makes any difference. I love white jeans with sweaters and boots! ;) And I wear my white pencil skirt year round. ;)
I think your black and white look is very chic and perfect for early fall. ;)

Fashion rules schmules! I love that outfit! Isn't that the point of good fashion anyway... to make your wardrobe work no matter the season or occasion!?!

I've seen lots of game day dresses made from T shirts - I made this one for my daughter last year from a $5 T shirt. Basically a tube top attached to to an A-line skirt.

I've made dresses with my friends using a XXL spirit shirt. We have the one with the letters on top. We cut a straight line across the sleeves and collar. We hemmed the top, and added elastic below the letters and bust line. Then hemmed the bottom and you're good to go. Some of our friends added a coordinating color block of fabric along the bottom to lengthen it! Sorta like this but we just used one shirt!

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