WIWW – Bubble Statement Necklace

Yes, I caved and bought one of those Bubble Statement Necklaces that everyone seems to be getting.  The JCrew knockoff.  Lots of deal sites carry them but I found mine cheaper on Ebay, with free shipping.  I’ve been trying to incorporate it into some outfits, but apparently I can only wear it with gray/black/white – – so I’m up for other suggestions!  Here’s what I’ve done so far (and my watermark is back – wahoo!)

I was wearing a plain tshirt all day but then had a meeting to go to – so I threw on the necklace and yellow shoes to step it up just a little:

I wore it to church with the black and white spot dress that I altered to fit.  I adjusted the chain and wore the necklace really high because I thought when it was lower it got lost in the dots.  I think since I’m non-chesty, I can wear it up high:

And yep, those are my Mod Podge Shoes, still going strong after a couple of years:

I wore it with my mens-shirt-to-skirt and pops of yellow, but I think that skirt is too big, so the next time I wore that outfit, I paired it with a more fitted pencil skirt that I forgot I had – I think it works better:

 So, do you have a bubble statement necklace??  What color do you have (I don’t see too many kelly green)?  What should I wear mine with??

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    The necklace is super cute but I really love the shoes! I don’t have a bubble necklace but I do have a few statement necklaces. The most recent one I got {totally in love with!} weighs a lot though so I don’t wear it very often.

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    Very cute! I love seeing all of the different ways you’ve worn it. My favorite is with the striped cardigan and gray skirt. :) I recently bought one of the mini necklaces from Groopdealz but haven’t gotten brave enough for the full size version. :)

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    We must think alike because I found mine cheap on Ebay, too! I really love the kelly green one you found. Mine is yellow, and I’ve been wearing it with just about everything! LOVE your striped cardigan – can never go wrong with grey and white :)

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    I’ve been eyeing bubble necklaces for awhile now and your post convinced me to head over the eBay and buy an orange one. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    It would look good with a yellow, pink or blue top. I love pairing green and blue for a sort of color block affect. Just keep the rest neutral… shoes, bottoms, etc. I haven’t gotten one of those necklaces… Not really my style. But it looks so cute on you!

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