September 26, 2012

WIWW - McKenna Twin

I bought those polka dot jeans!  sneak peek:

And I've been wearing them tons because next week I want to do a "how to wear polka dot jeans" post for WIWW.
But that means I don't have a lot to show you today, since I want to save those pictures.... but I do have this:
Which I think is super cute.  I saw over on Truly Lovely that Kassi got this cute shirt at Walmart for under $10 - - really:
So I went to buy it - - but on the same rack was this one with the drapey neck thing. And the color and style of it was calling my name more - so I grabbed it (because that's a great deal!).

I really like the fit and feel of it.  And so do my girls, because I'm in their world apparently.  When they saw me, immediately they're all "mom, that shirt is so cool.  You look just like McKenna".  You know McKenna, right?  American Girl doll of 2012.  And I thought to myself "Doh!" because once they said that, I knew they were right:

So I guess my style is the same as all those preteen girls.  Awesome.

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Hahh!!! I think you definitely pass as a pre-teen because you look so young! But your style is definitely on point!

I like the drapey neck thing better! Super cute! Looking for that the next time I'm there. In my world I go like 3-4 times a week so it will be soon!

too funny.

i saw the polka dot jeans at old navy, and was curious about what to pair them with.

Your hair is even done the same as McKenna's!

Day made!!!! :) Thanks for sharing my post girl! And I LOVE that top! I need to go back now and see what other cool styles they have! I'm also really looking forward to the whole polka dots pants thing... I've been debating them, but then thought, will I really wear them?

Oh love that your daughters totally said you match their doll. Love it!

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