September 19, 2012

WIWW - polka dot edition

So a couple of blogs I read did posts this past week about how polka dots are all the rage.  So I thought  I would focus on trying to bring polka dots into my wardrobe this week - because they are so fun!

First up, this yellow top that has mini swiss dots in gray all over it (hard to see with this photo that used the flash - it was way late and dark before I remembered about taking a pic).  The top was given to me by a friend who thought it "looked like me" - and it's so cute.  I love hand-me-down clothes!  The pants I found at the thrift store and they are SO comfy.  I wore this ensemble to the baby shower since it's a little on the dressy side.

I wanted a more casual top with polka dots and found this in my closet - I sewed it a few years ago.  It has a polka dot trim.  I have never loved it, but I do like it better with a cardigan over it.  So for now I'll keep it.
 And here's what I wore Saturday, around the house, running errands, to my son's flag football game, etc.   If you're wondering where the polka dots are on this day, here ya go - these super cute earring from The Diary of Dave's Wife:

And then Sunday I wore this polka dot skirt.  It was from the thrift store and way too big, but for $2, I got it anyways and just took in the sides.  I think I might need to take them in a little more.  I got the white ruffled shirt from Sew Dang Cute on a daily fashion deal and love the texture it adds to the outfit.  The salmon wedges were thrifted this summer on vacation, and I got the salmon cardigan thing a couple of years ago from a garage sale.
 I am thinking that those tie-in-the-front cardigans are probably out of style, but it was the right color so I wore it anyways.  Do you think it's a keeper, or too dated?

And the big question - - how do you feel about Polka Dots??  Are you going to embrace that sort of fun?  I think the next thing to join my wardrobe will be those polka dot jeans from Target that everyone is talking about - like I need to go buy some tonight!

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I love the shirt that you sewed! I like the polka dots, don't really have any yet, bit I'm sure it'll find it's way into my wardrobe ;).

Love polka dots! Just splurged at Tar-Jay on an orange cardigan with little white polka dots - they make me happy. PS I love the little earrings you have on and you look super cute in that yellow top.

Love POlka Dots - I need to add more to my wardrobe!

Okay, the polka dots ARE cheery and the salmon wedges are so cute, but the sweater thingey just doesn't look good on anyone, in my opinion. And you make everything else look darling!! So I'd get rid of that but keep everything else. :-)

I love polka dots; Mandy you wear them very well!! About the sweater, I think it looks cute so I vote for keeping it!! I loved you fashion show!!

Cute polka dots! As for the sweater, considering I just bought a couple at Maurices to go over dresses for fall, I'm guessing they aren't outdated ;) I've also seen them at Target and Dillards. Keep it!!

MANDY!!! You totally had me a Polka-dot!!! How Darling are you? And you totally rock those earrings!!!! ♥ Kristy {Daveswife}

I love wearing polka dots {wearing them now actually}. Super cute outfits...especially those wedges.

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