September 3, 2012

Wood Slat Mat

Everyone knows by now, I love crafting in groups.  So when Hometalk encouraged me to put together a craft group to make something for the home, I was all over that.  The project was a Wood Slat Mat and I am in love with my ombre version (ombre tutorial below) - -

First up, a few excuses on this post - - it was raining and dreary, but I took pictures anyway so they aren't the greatest.  Also, my computer has been super slow so Trevor tried a whole system reboot.  It's so much faster now, but meanwhile I had files in weird places that are now lost and need recovered - like my blog logo and watermark!  And all the cute fonts I had installed - so look past the boring watermark in these, I'm working on it...

Now, back to the project - - we used the DIY Doormat post from The Accent Piece (head there for the tutorial):

The boards at my store were much cheaper, so these turned out being $5 a doormat - nice!  The boards were only $2 (you need 2) and that's for the fancy pressure-treated ones.  Trevor precut the boards to the right length.  Then we got together and drilled the holes with the drill press and stained the boards:
The fun group, sporting our fashion-forward utility aprons from Hometalk.  I love when we can turn playgroup into a little fun crafting:

Now, for the tutorial on the ombre look I went with - - I really love the subtly of it.  First, grab a color of paint and some white paint and your boards:
Paint the first board with straight color.  Then scoop out some white (I used a stir stick) and add it to your color.  Stir with your brush.  Then paint the second board.  Then add a scoop of white.  Then paint the third board.
And repeat, adding a scoop of white in between each board painting.
The sunlight is making this picture a little greener than real life, but you can see the color gradiation, dark to light:
I wanted a little something on the doormat, but "Welcome" seemed pretty formal.  I settled on "hey there" and used my Cameo to cut a stencil out.  I took the time to do the Mod Podge trick so the letters would be crisp:

Then I painted it onto the darkest board using the mixed paint from the lightest board:

Here you can see the subtle color change in the boards:

And a view of the whole mat.  I think this would also make a pretty cool wall hanging:

But it does look awesome as a welcome mat:
So grab a group, grab some boards, and get to crafting!!

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This is lush, I love the 'hey there', it's perfect! x

wow!!! I love this idea! and so cheap and easy! Very cool. Would you mind following my blog? it would completely make my day! I'm new to the blogosphere and you inspire me!! <3

fantastic, and even better because you did it in a group. I just posted on my facebook wall last night how much I really miss crafting with all my friends in Illinois, haven't found crafty friends here in PA.

really cute, I love the colors!

How fun! I think I need to find a crafting group, even though I really don't have a crafting blog!

I love the color it adds to the outside!

Love this! The pop of color will be so awesome as we get into the drearier winter months too!

Love the color! We would love for you to share this on our Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday link party...just posted it! Thanks!

Super cute! I'm sharing it on Thanks for linking it up to our facebook page!

LOVE THIS! What is the mod podge trick? Could you give some more details on that? Thanks!

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