October 13, 2012

Annabelle Jacket

I actually sewed something for Kids Clothing Week Challenge - it was fun to participate!  I read from my fashion contributor that belted jackets are all the rage, so that's what I made...

I was able to try out the Annabelle Jacket from the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop:

I was super excited about making this little jacket - and it turned out so cute:
I found the fuchsia fabric at a thrift store - several yards for $3 total.  Then I bought a sheet set at Walmart on clearance for the lining - but it was pretty thin, so I ended up using the sheet on the buttons, ruffle, and cuffs, and lined the jacket in some flannel I had.  It's perfect:

 If you have never used a PDF Pattern, you should give it a try.  It's very similar to a blog post tutorial, but more details.  Lots of pictures and instructions - a great way to try sewing a pattern.

I would say this pattern is great for an advanced beginner.  So if you've sewn a few things, and want to try something a little past basic, this is for you.  It's not that hard!  A jacket seems like it might be tricky, but it wasn't.

I did a few things differently than the pattern called for.....

--I made the ruffle double-sided so that you could see the lining peeking out from the underside of the ruffle. I also added a little ribbon loop so she can hang up her jacket on a hook at school (it's a big deal - she has other jackets and won't take them to school because they won't hang up)
--I pulled the wrist tab thing tighter than it called for so the arms taper a little.  The button is fake and sewn on instead of having a button hole.

--Instead of having four working buttons, the two on the left are fake, sewn right on, and the two on the right are functional and hold the jacket closed:

I did have an incident where my preschooler, who I thought was cutting yarn to occupy his time, was really cutting away at the sash - doh!  I just patched it up since the cut was in the back.

 Peek-A-Boo Patterns has tons of patterns - shirts, dresses, jackets, and so much more - be sure to check them out!  Everything was well explained and flowed well in the pattern.

 Be sure to measure your child for the size chart - I didn't - I planned this jacket for my older daughter but my youngest daughter was delighted that it fit her better.

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17 Fabulous Comments:

Oh that is cute! Your model is adorable!

Very cute! I like your choice of fabric. Also love that model 'stance'. She's a pro!

The jacket is super cute...great job! You have one happy daughter there! :)

Cute coat - and darling little model! :-)

Adorable!!!!! I would love my girls to have one!

WOW Mandy! This jacket is amazing!! I love the colors you chose. The collar is so frilly and girly I love it and want one for myself. I love your blog so much. I can't wait to see what you post every day. I wish I lived close to you so I could craft with you and you could teach me how to sew beautiful things like this. Your beautiful little girl is just too cute in this darling jacket. Thank you bunches for your wonderful blog and incredible inspiration.

I love this :)
And its a really good thing that you had a smaller daughter ;)

I love Peek a boo patterns! The tutorials are so well made. I am in the process of making my daughter some of the skinny jeans. Then it will be the Olivia pea coat. I think I will need to buy the pattern for this coat as well. I LOVE that ruffle!

So cute. I love the fabric choices.

Great job! I've used Peek-a-boo patterns before and love them. I love the ribbon hanger you put on the inside. Great idea!

She's so cute (the jacket is, too). Nice work!

That is adorable!!! And your little model is too cute wearing it! ;)

Love the double ruffle and the ribbon loop. Every coat should be able to be hung up like that. :)

Gorgeous Jacket and model!

What an amazing coat! So bright and colorful! I'd be honored if you linked this up to my weekly link party. http://thelifeofjenniferdawn.blogspot.com/2012/10/a-little-bird-told-me-link-party-13.html

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