Bustle Pillow Sham – with RIT Dye

I have had a fun time playing with RIT Dye this week!  The challenge was Halloween and I immediately thought I’d love to make a pillow to add a little Halloween Decor to my couch.  I thought a Bustle Pillow Sham was the perfect way to do that:

First up, let me talk about dye – – it is a great way to make a custom project.  You know I LOVE using sheets in my sewing projects – I pick them up at garage sales and thrift stores for super cheap.  But with that method, you don’t have  much of a color choice.  That’s where RIT dye comes in – you can make a white sheet a custom color.

Take a sheet and cut it into chunks…

The different chunks was because I initially was going for an ombre effect.  But plans changed….

I mixed a couple of bottles… I didn’t want the orange too sunshiney, so I added some black.  In retrospect, a little black goes a long way and I probably should have added only a drop.

Also, wear a rubber glove for stirring and picking up your fabric (in the past I’ve dyed my hand, so I knew!)

One hint with dyeing fabric is to have it saturated with water first.  That way the dye will absorb evenly:

I poured the dye directly into my sink and added just a little water:

And then per the instructions I poured in some salt:

I put a hunk of fabric in and let it sit about 10 minutes:

Now, for the ombre — between each chunk of fabric, I would add more water to the dye to dilute the color – it worked well – – here are my four different shades:

But then I got lazy and instead of rinsing each one separately and drying them, I chucked them all into the washing machine, dripping with dye.  The washing machine did too good of job – it distributed the residual dye pretty evenly, making the 4 shades super close in color and intensity – oh well for ombre.  Next time.

Now, on to construction…
Cut millions of circles:

Fold each circle in half, then in half again to make a triangle:

Then you need a square the size of the pillow you want:

Sew all the triangle circle things to the big square of fabric, in rows, like so:

I sewed rows of big circles on the bottom, medium circles in the middle, and small circles on the top.

For the back of the pillow, I made an envelope so it can be a pillow sham (fit over other pillows).  Just take 2 pieces that are bigger than the pillow (I used the edge of the sheet so they’re finished edges), and then overlap them and pin the sides.  Voila.

Then with right sides together, just sew the front (with the bustles) to the back.  Slide the pillow in through the back slit:

And enjoy!!  I love the pop of fall orange it adds for Halloween.

I fluffled up the front to show you the texture it can have:

For more about RIT dye and it’s amazingness:

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with RIT Dye and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.

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