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It’s that time of year – I am gearing up for a Guest Post Extravaganza series!
So here I am, calling for Guest Posts….

I did this last fall for the first time and it was a huge hit.  I don’t normally have guest posts on, so when I do, I want to go all out, extravaganza style.  I love to be able to show of you, your blog, and your creativity.

Source: Katy Daisy’s Etsy Shop – so worth checking out – reasonably priced and so cute!!

Info about guest posting:

I want everyone to have the chance – – if you’ve never guest posted before, go for it!  I can walk you through it, so no excuses.  If you’ve guest posted before, you know how fun it is to pop on someone else’s blog – and possibly get their readers to pop on over to your blog.

–I am awful about doing holiday-related posts, so that’s what I’m looking for – either winter, fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc – I know you have great ideas!!

–It needs to be a new tutorial – that means, showing how to make/do/sew/cook something.  The full tutorial will be posted here (not just part). You are welcome to repost it on your blog a week or later after that.

–I would need your post by Nov 7th (or earlier).  It doesn’t matter when your post date is scheduled – I am needing all posts by the 7th  – I am hoping to catch up in life and not have to manage posting for a couple weeks :)  (did you know I do a little photography on the side – the fall is so busy with photo sessions because everyone wants fall pictures for Christmas Cards.  Must. Catch. Up!)

–The Guest Post Extravaganza will run Nov 14-Dec, excluding Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings, and Nov 22nd-Nov 26th (for a Black Friday shopping event).  The number of posts per day will depend on the number of people who sign up.  Last year I ran 3-4 posts a day.  I will assign your date to you after I have everyone signed up. (if you are planning a Thanksgiving post let me know and I’ll be sure to put you on early in the schedule).

–I will need you signed up to participate by this Wednesday, Oct 24th  Just go to THIS DOCUMENT and leave me your name and email address so I know you’re interested.

–I will email out more info on October 25th as to how I want the post formatted, etc.

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    Thanks for the opportunity! :) I signed up. I’ve always been a little intimidated by the idea of guest posting, though I’ve accepted a couple on my own blog, so this will be my first!

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    Wow! Thanks for opening up this opportunity to us! I’ve never guest posted before (new blogger as of this Sept.), but I think this will be the perfect venue for me to flex those creative muscles and put myself out there. I absolutely love your blog and just recently discovered your husband’s blog. So cute! (But don’t tell him that. Wink.)

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