October 6, 2012

Five Ways to Tie a Scarf- Fashion Contributor

Hello Sugar Bee readers! I’m Kilee from ONE little MOMMA. I write a fashion and DIY blog while running an online business ONE little BELT and keeping up with two little boys and a busy husband. I’m excited to share some more Fall fashion with you today!
I love scarves, especially in the Fall. I almost always have one with me because it's like a mini-blanket. They make great accessories and keep me warm. I want to share five ways that I wear my scarves. There are SO many ways to tie a scarf (just search on Pinterest!), but I stick with a few that are tried and true.
1. Looped Once: This is my favorite way to wear a scarf. It's easy, warm and the drape looks great. One tip is to hold opposite corners of the scarf before wrapping it. Then it will drape with angled ends, not straight ones.
2. Infinity Scarf: Instead of buying a specific looped scarf, I tie the ends of my scarves together to create an infinity scarf shape. Just be sure to hide the tails into the body of scarf behind your neck.
3. Halter Vest: I just learned this trick last week from a friend. The scarf creates a draped vest with only one tie.
To get this look, tie your scarf in a large loop. Put it around your neck and both arms through. Tuck the fringe in the front and adjust the drape. Voila!
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4. Belted Scarf: You heard me- belt your scarf! I love this look, especially with a pencil skirt . Just tie or buckle a skinny belt around your scarf and pull the top to create a blouson look. Its unexpected and very chic.

5. Twisted Knot: I’m not sure of the technical name for this knot, but it is a basic scarf knot with a twist. It adds a little more volume to the top and the knot.

To get this look, fold your scarf in half. Wrap it around your neck and put one end through the loop you created with your fold. Then twist that loop and pull the other end through the remaining loop. Voila!

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Have you been wearing scarves this Fall? Which is your favorite look? I challenge you to try a new one!


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this was awesome! and what a cutie!

what great ideas! I love the vest one!

I love all of these! I will have to try them out! I am a scarf junky!

Great tutorial...LOVE the scarf vest idea! Thanks for sharing!

Nancy at livininthegreen.blogspot.com

I'm a little scarf-challenged and can't get mine to look like this. What size/shape are you using?

Mendy I am using a long rectangular scarf that is medium weight. What style are you having trouble with?

I love these ideas! I have been looking for new ways to tie my scarves!

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