October 5, 2012

For Sale

Alright, after lots of you kept asking, I am going to try selling some Owie Owls and Ruffled Keychains in my etsy shop.  BUT - - I want to give you the chance to buy them first.

So - - email me or leave a comment with your email address and which one you'd like, and I'll just send you a payment request via paypal (you don't need paypal to pay it).  I will update the list to let you know what is still available.
Owie Owls - an ice pack alternative
$12 + $3 shipping = $15.00

  • doesn't get too cold - kids will actually use them!
  • not a toy - supervise use
  • keep in freezer until ready for use
  • also great for "non-owies" (you know "oh, you hurt yourself - go grab the Owie Owl" - it's like putting a bandaid on a non-cut)
  • great stocking stuffer or unique gift for a new baby

Owie Owls still available:

Ruffled Key Fob
$10 + $2 shipping = $12.00
  • easily find your keys in jumbled bag
  • wear on your wrist when you don't have an extra hand to hold keys
  • I LOVE mine!

Ruffled Key Fobs still available:

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7 Fabulous Comments:

Can I get key fob 6 please? Jenna.reynolds at hotmail dot com :)

Can I get owl #3? Thank you! cmcsmg@aaol.com

oops paypal is cmcsmg@aol.com for owl #3

Yes! I'm glad you're marketing the owls and I think they'll do great! Put me down for owl #6.

This comment has been removed by the author.

can I get keyfob #2? cuddlefishfarm@gmail.com is my paypal email. Thank you!

would love # 1 and # 3 of the owie owls

thanks so much! super cute idea.

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