October 22, 2012

Hair Stenciling

Have you ever heard of Hair Stenciling??  It's super fun and super easy.  I wanted to tell you about it because NOW is the time to buy colored hairspray stuff.  You know, it's in the Halloween section.  I would think that except for October it would be a hard item to locate.  Anyways, look at this fun:

You basically just hold a stencil against the hair and spray it generously - - then voila, done!  The more defined stencils (like zig zags or stripes) work better than the more intricate stencils.  The set I used was just a Martha Stewart stencil set - it had lots of options.

It was so quick and easy that I forgot to take pictures of the process, only of the results, so sorry about that! I do recommend it the hair is too dark for the color to show up on, then spray it with a solid white first, then stencil on top of the white section - it helps the stencil show up a little better.

Have fun!

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Very fun...after one application, I'm sure my daughter would request the 'spray' every day of the week :)

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