October 26, 2012

Instagram Friday

Want to know what I've been up to??  here ya go...

I found a rockin deal on penny tile and bought them out.  Project in the works as I type:

I do photography on the side and the fall season is always crazy busy!

It was 85 degrees here yesterday and below 50 today - crazy.  Either way, the trees think it's fall.  Hey there, fall!

I really should have sewed this dress sooner - my daughter's baptism is Sunday.  But it's finally coming together and I have to say, I'm doing an awesome job!

Parent Teacher conferences this week - - normally I can't get in to every teacher at all the times I want and I often have gaps of waiting around.  This time was a scheduling masterpiece!!

Morning at the park throwing rocks

I taught preschool this week - always a fun time!

Took all four kids to the dentist.  This is looking up at the mirror ceiling in the elevator - while taking the picture, a kid hit the call button and the operator had to pipe in and see if we had an emergency.

Found a camel in the parking lot of the Dollar General store at some port-a-petting-zoo.  It got us to stop!

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Looks like you've had a busy week! Camels, teachers, dentists, oh my! The baptism dress is gorgeous btw!

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