October 15, 2012

My Job Chart

As you know, I have 4 kiddos.  And they get to help out around the house.  Yep, GET to :)  We have had jobs at our house.  We call them jobs instead of chores because we all work to keep our household running. We have used several different chart methods, but I have recently been looking into My Job Chart and might give it a go...

What is My Job Chart??
My Job Chart is the free, easy to use, online chore chart and reward system for organizing and motivating your kids to learn first hand how to Save, Share and Spend.

Let me say that again:
--easy to use
--organize and motivate your kids
--kids learn to save, share, and spend

What's not to love!  This video is only a couple of minutes long - it explains how it all works:

Our kids LOVE getting a little computer time, so I'm sure it'll be super cool that they can log on and use the computer to track their jobs.  When jobs are completed, they earn points which they can save, share, and spend.  Parents assign monetary values to the points.  My Job Chart has thought of everything!  

I know that my kids are more motivated with they are working towards earning something.  This will help give them a visual of their goals.

A little more info about the founder of My Job Chart - because I love knowing about the people behind the company.  From Gregg, the founder:

I am a dad of 6, Certified Financial Planner and I own www.myjobchart.com.  
I started this site for my kids to teach them how to work and “get it” when it comes to money.  There are so many that don’t these days.  I read an article this morning that more than 1/2 of baby boomers have had their adult kids move back in with them.  Don’t know about you... but I don’t want that to happen to us!
In less than 2 years we now have over 260,000 registered members.  

As I was browsing the site, I also noticed that this a Parenting Tips Blog - it had some great articles on it and I would recommending looking it over for some topics that might apply to your family.

So be sure to check out My Job Chart!!

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This is just what I needed! I've been trying to decide on a "new" job chart (that will work this time) and this looks like a really good idea.

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