October 6, 2012

Photo Glimpse - bedtime pictures

Remember I try to give you a glimpse into the non-blog side of life occasionally...Well today it comes in the form of a fun tip - take pictures of your kiddos at bedtime!

I was checking on my kids at night and the girls begged me to take a picture of our cat who was in their room sleeping in a weird spot.  So I went down and got my camera and took the picture.  Then while I was at it I snapped a quick picture of each kiddo in bed.  I realized I had never done that.  It's such an everyday thing, but I know it'll be fun to look back on.  So go do it tonight...

 And then a couple nights later they were reading books to each other - which was so cute that I had to take more pictures:

 Anyways, don't forget to capture those everyday moments!  Hope you're having a great weekend! 

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Don't those photos just melt your heart! There are few things more fun than catching your kids reading to one another. Sweet post!

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