October 25, 2012

Poofy Vests

I made some poofy vest - puffy vests - whatever you want to call them.  Just call them awesome.

I made these using the tutorial over at A Girl and a Glue Gun - I knew immediately when I saw her vest that I needed to make them asap.  Isn't this layered look dead on?!  that competition is TOUGH because she lost with this awesome outfit.

Anyways, see the tutorial on the vest HERE

But I was lazy.  And mass producing these - I thought it would be a super fun cousin picture - so I cut some corners....

First off, instead of making it and then stuffing each area, I sewed it all together like a sandwich to eliminate the stuffing step.  Lay out your lining, batting, and outer fabric (with wrong sides together - that's opposite of normal)

Then sew the lines on it.  I didn't have an outer fabric with built in lines, so I taped some off:
 And then sewed next to the tape - you can see my stitch lines:

Then since I didn't need to leave it open, instead of just doing diagonals, I did lines the other way as well, making diamonds.  Pretty fun.  Then sew the sides and back and everything together like in the tutorial mentioned above.

 Now, I knew I was doing this for a fun picture.  My kids don't usually love the things I sew (this is everyone right, not just my kids?!?) so I didn't want to put a lot of effort into vests because since I made them I knew they would get discarded pretty quickly.  So instead of using bias tape and making the edges and arm holes look pretty, I just ran any raw edge through the serger.

 I told everyone that these vests were "photo prop quality" - you know, not well constructed, made quickly just for a group photo, etc.  Of course that means that the kids love them and keep wearing them in public and to school.  Guess I should have made them a little nicer.  Oh well!

A few fun pictures....

A bawling kid, super jump,
awkward hand placement

and the classic fake smile

I'd show more pictures, but they're for a sneaky project for my Grandma....she might read this blog...maybe.

But here's the Crazy Face Cousin Picture once more - -

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13 Fabulous Comments:

These look great! I might try making my girls a vest now :)

turned out ADORABLE!!!! love um!

hahahahahha - I love you for this Mandy - the titles on the pictures? Classic!

I love the raw edgelook! Trendy right now too I think! Great job! I need to learn to sew!!!!!

Love these! Thanks for the tutorial ;) Love all the pics ! Kathi

Super cute! And I love your short cut stuffing - smart!

These are so cool, would love to make some for my Grandkids!
Thanks for sharing!
(The photos are adorable btw!!)
Lisa Hall

So adorable! :) Stopping by from One Little Mommas link up.

These are so so cute! I want to make my girls some for the winter! I'll be featuring this on my blog on Saturday!


Thanks for linking up!

The kids are sure cute and funny wearing the poofy/puffy vests on. HOw wonderful! I want to try and make two for my kids as well. I hope to get materials today. :) Love that! Thanks for sharing.


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