The start to our weekend….in pictures from my phone, lucky you:

Trevor had Friday off so we were able to go to the temple for our church – it was a nice way to spend the morning.  The Kansas City Temple is pretty new and it’s so amazing it have it just 10 minutes away!

I have the great idea to take pictures of cousins in matching poofy vests – so I grabbed some cheapo fabric and have started sewing diamonds… hopefully I’ll start assembly today….

Have I mentioned here that Trevor bought a giant Air Hockey Table??  I think I just put it on facebook.  Anyways, true story.  Now we’re getting serious with the tournaments.

The girls busted out their Halloween wear:

I was a bus to preschool – so cute to look back and see the boys giggling and talking away:

And this shot is from a couple of weekends ago, but I just had to share:

I’ve had several people email me about Paparazzi, the $5 Accessories, this week.  I think everyone is settling down from the summer and looking for ways to make a little extra money.  Paparazzi is perfect for that.  I really enjoy it!  If you’ve ever considered selling Paparazzi Accessories, now is the time!  Fall season is when everyone is buying.  Let me know if you’d like more info about the opportunity.  I would LOVE to have you on my team.  My email:  mandybeez at gmail       My consultant ID:  #1768

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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    Mandy is there a way to do an online party so maybe we can order? Or can I just order on their website and u get cresit? Ive got my hands pretty full with my TS business, but there are some pieces there that I would love to wear!

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