October 11, 2012

Spinning Display Rack

I am in love with my new Spinning Display Rack!  I use it for displaying my Paparazzi Jewelry that I sell (I would love to have you on My Paparazzi Team - it's the funnest way to make a little money on the side!) but I'm sure you could use it for lots of other things as well, so I thought I'd post a quick tutorial.

The spinning rack cost about $17 to make, plus a few scraps we had at home.  This one on Amazon is smaller, and it costs $57 - yikes.
So - - you'll need a small piece of pegboard (2 ft by 4 ft) and a lazy susan mechanism (in the hardware section by the shelf slides, it's about $7)
You'll also need a square piece of scrap wood for the bottom and lid, and 1x2s or whatever for the skeleton inside.

Cut the pegboard into 4 pieces that are equal and fit the four sides of the square board.  Then use wood glue and screws to attach the boards to the bottom board.  Trevor attached 2 sides then put up the skeleton of a 1x2 in the corners to add more stability, then attached the other 2 sides to the base and corner boards:
 Then attach the lazy susan to the bottom - just screw into the 4 corner holes:

Paint it if you'd like.  Here's the view looking down into it:

 And the outside.  The lid just sits on top of those corner boards.  And there's a knob on the top so it lifts off.  I love that feature and store lots of headbands inside when transporting my display:

And here it is loaded and ready with the fun $1 Starlet Shimmer things - now the little girls can spin and browse to their hearts content - wahoo!!

 If you need a spinning display rack for any reason, give this a try!

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very cool! I like this alot, Thanks for showing us how to do it! :)

Thank you for the terrific tutorial! I had to pin this one to my Shona Skye Dream board (my board for my future shop). It looks great and is way more affordable than the commercially produced ones!

Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

Love it and I can use it to display my Scentsy Bars! I'm going to get to work. Thank you for sharing.


Love this. I could it used it this past weekend and for my two upcoming shows! Great tutee!

These would be great for jewelry artists displaying their work for craft shows. You can also paint the peg board or stencil it!
Thank you for posting!

xo Michelle

So this only takes one sheet of pegboard that is 2x4 feet. I really want husband to make for me but want to make sure on how many sheets of pegboard.

yep! I used a 2x4 sheet, but if you want a bigger spinner you could use bigger sheets

love this idea!!! Where do you get the hooks from.

great question - - I'm a rep with Paparazzi Accessories, and they sell the hooks for an awesome price to their consultants, so that's where I got mine

I bought some through amazon and some at a local hardware store.

Thank you for the idea, I had recently became a Scentsy Rep, plan to make this for my scentsy bar display!!

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