Subway Art – Address Style

Today I want to show off my new Address Subway Art – I LOVE it!!  And I have a tutorial for you on down…
I was able to review the vinyl from Say It On the Wall – and they’re awesome.  I had something specific in mind and they were able to make it for me.  They sent this to me to try out.  And the shipping – wowza – lightning fast!! I know I have a Silhouette that can cut vinyl, but it can’t cut something this large. Here are some other things you can find in their shop:
Faces to add to a Twister Game to make it Angry Bird Twister – so smart!

The ever-popular stick family for your car:

Nativity Set – this looks great lit up:
Glass Block Nativity
Anyways, browse their shop – super reasonable prices and TONS of products and ideas – all at
So anyways, back to the tutorial on the Large Address Subway Art.  I wanted a chopped up effect, so I used these 3 boards found in our garage.  It was actually 2 boards but I cut one in half.  Then I put them in order so the wood grain goes up and down on the top and bottom one and across on the middle one.  To hold all 3 boards together, I used another smaller board.  I just covered it in wood glue and stuck it to the back of the boards as shown.  The weights pushed down on the boards while the glue dried:

 I thought about staining it, but I am digging the raw-wood look.  It’s now hanging in our basement.  And it makes me want to revamp our whole basement.  Starting with clearing off that shelf that it hangs over….

Be sure to check out Say It On the Wall for all your vinyl needs.  If you want an Address Subway Art, they’ll be happy to work with you on it.

In other news, wowza, was that the day of many posts yesterday or what?!  Since I posted tons yesterday, I’m holding today to just one post :)   Have a great Thursday!

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    I love subway art and this one’s great!! Close to home too… I used to live in Andover, KS, and am currently only about 3 miles down the road in east Wichita! However, since I spent most of my “growing up” years in Augusta, Andover was our big rival. LOL Fun to see others who are familiar with my stomping grounds!!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

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