Temporary Vinyl Decor – with Silhouette Promotion

I know it’s not a “craft post” day, but I’ve got something fun to show you and a promotion you won’t want to miss….  And speaking of something you don’t want to miss, come back in about an hour, because if you have been dreaming about the CAMEO, have I got a giveaway for you….. (enter squeals of excitement!)

Several Silhouette Sales promotions to choose from – wahoo – pick your own sale!  Just use the code “SUGARBEE” when you check out.

  Halloween vinyl/CAMEO bundle:

·         1 roll 9-inch x 10 feet black premium vinyl
·         1 roll 9-inch x 10 feet orange premium vinyl
·         1 roll transfer paper
·         1 Silhouette hook tool
·         1 Silhouette CAMEO®
·         All for $269.99! (normally $351.95)

·         1 roll 9-inch x 10 feet black premium vinyl
·         1 roll 9-inch x 10 feet orange premium vinyl
·         1 roll transfer paper
·         1 Silhouette hook tool
·         All for $24.99 (normally $51.96)

·         1 package of Autumn adhesive-backed cardstock. (Contains two sheets of eight fall colors shown on the packaging–16 total sheets).
·         1 metallic sketch pen pack (Contains four pens: one silver, gold, copper, and white. Silver, copper and white are great for use on dark papers. Gold, silver and copper have a metallic sheen that gets more shimmery with each pass of the pen.)
·         For $14.99 (normally $22.98)

·         1 roll flocked black heat transfer material (9”x36”)
·         1 roll flocked orange heat transfer material (9”x36”)
·         1 Silhouette hook tool
·         All for $24.99 (normally $36.97)

So – – – I tried out the vinyl bundle.  You can’t go wrong with vinyl.  And I got to thinking – vinyl is really cost-effective, so why not make temporary decor with it?!  Genius, I know :)

From my calculations, the cost of the vinyl used in the total of the two projects I’m showing today cost $2.  And so it’s worth it to whip them up for this season, and then take them down and make something new for next season.  Trevor will love this because it means less holiday decor storage.  Be sure to load your designs on tightly to make the most of your space:

If you are ever wondering what to create, browse the Silhouette Online Shapes store – it’s awesome!  I was doing just that when I saw spiderweb banners – um, yes!  I knew they’d be perfect in the sidelight window of my front door.  I cut them and used my transfer tape (for a full tutorial on how to use transfer tape, go HERE)

Vinyl on glass is so hard to photograph – but the spiderweb banner is great in person and goes great with my Spiderweb Wreath.

 Here it is looking in and inside looking out:

And did you notice that there was even a real spider checking out the fake spider – now that’s a true craft.

And, project #2 – – I knew I wanted some bats flying around the house somewhere.  Again, browsed the Silhouette Online Store and found just want I was looking for – there were tons of bat shape options, so pick your favorite.  Then just size them all different.  Cut and place on your wall – – now the house is festive and it was so easy to do.  With this shape, you could probably even hand-cut bats out of vinyl and it wouldn’t take too long- it’d just be easier with the marvelous cameo.

I know vinyl’s great – – so are the other bundles of sketch pens and iron on transfer (what you use to make decals for tshirts) so be sure to check out all the discounts.  I love a good sale!  Remember, exciting post coming up soon….

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