October 12, 2012

Van Decals

Well, we got a new-to-us van.  And it's way too tasteful.  Kate even told me so "that van is too tasteful - I can't even tell it's yours when I see it driving around".  It's true.  So I had to tacky it up just a little.

I never thought to put my blog on my van until I saw the glue gun version a couple of years ago, and then I had to make one for my van that spanned my back window.  Yep, one of those people. The old van:

Keep in mind our old van was that bad gold color.  My 2nd least favorite car color.  My least favorite - red. And every vehicle we owned (maybe 4-5?) before that van was red.  Of course.  Anyways, the sticker across the back kind of goes with an older gold van - it's the look.

But then we got this newer dark gray van.  And it's really nice looking.  We buy cars at auction (have I mentioned that Trevor has a dealer's license and buys/sells cars on the side? true story.  Anyone want to buy a yellow mini cooper?) and so color choice usually isn't a factor.  Hence all the bad colors in the past.  In fact I didn't even think we'd win the auction for this van because the color was too normal.  But we did.  So I wanted to mark it so people knew it was us, but I didn't think the big sticker across the back was the answer - so I went with a more round logo in the corner.  Seemed a little more tasteful:
And then Kate's complaint was that she couldn't recognize me from the front (we passed each other in my neighborhood and she thought I was my neighbor waving) so I added a little bee to the front, just for her:

Did you notice the flaw in the picture - because I didn't, even after taking picture of it, until someone told me:

 Are you a sticker-on-the-car type of person??

UPDATE - Trevor's spin on the missing "w"

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Right now my husband drives our nice(ish) car because it gets better gas mileage than our truck and he drives over an hour one way to get to school each day. When hes done with school and I get to drive the car I want to add a advertisement for my Tastefully Simple business on the back window. Im not adding it to the truck because its a beater and I dont want to be associated with it, lol.

I'm not much of a sticker person for regular stuff, but once I get my business up and running (fingers crossed for spring!), I will definitely be using my SUV as a mobile billboard! And, hey! Your van doesn't look tacky at all!

Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

I've been wanting a sticker for my car...where'd you get yours??

It's cute even without the w. now when I see you buzzing around town I will honk & wave! BTW you'll know it's me because like every third mini van mom in liberty I have a silver van.

Oh cute, now I want to do one for our van, maybe a massive castle? (Hubby groans as I mention it)

Ah, it is missing a w in the www.


I'm with Mejia Mamma, I want to put one on my car to promote my site! Where did you get yours? Or did you make it?

Too funny...I didn't even notice the missing w until you mentioned it!! LOL!!! Love the round sticker so much better plus the larger bee is too cute. I totally have my business sticker on my van and have had it there for at least 10 years. May be time for an updated version. Congrats on the "new to you" van!! Thanks again for the awesome blog!!

I made it myself using my CAmeo - - love that thing!

I made it myself using my Cameo - - love that thing!

Love your new van! What year did you find? It's a challenge to find a good, used Odyssey. Awesome that you found one!

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