October 24, 2012

WIWW - accessories!

Another installment of What I Wore Wednesday - - for some, this is your favorite post of the week.  For others, you've had enough already.  But you'll just have to skip over these posts because they just keep coming....

This week let's talk accessories.  They can take an average outfit - tshirt and jeans - to the next level.  And so I love them.  Because I love tshirts and jeans.  For example, basic tshirt and jeans but with a scarf, kapow!  I dug out my boots from a couple of years ago - I'm hoping their still semi in style.
 Another scarf thrown over a tshirt - this view is of the pictures my 5 year old likes to take.  She'll take one and then keep snapping until I get the camera away from her:

Shoes are accessories - - and I got a leopard pair!  A friend called from the thrift store "there's a leopard pair of shoes here I think you need" so I gave the go ahead and she grabbed them for me - love personal shoppers.  They are a little snug, but I'm determined to stretch them out.
 Another example of a scarf transforming an outfit.  This time I belted it because I saw that on the Fashion Contributor post a week or two ago.  I wore this out to a church meeting and then to dinner/ice cream with friends afterwards:
 Belt and necklace accessorizing this outfit.  I'm not loving this top with the trouser jeans or something.  Maybe it's because I tucked the undershirt in to show the belt, but something seems odd:
 More accessories - dressing up the basic jeans and pants with shoes and fun necklace.  The denim shirt seems to be a go-to this season, and it goes with everything so I can handle that:
 Close-up of the necklace (again, kids snapping away while I walk towards them) - it's one of my best-selling Paparazzi necklaces - it's only $5 - love it!

Do you have some go-to accessories??

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8 Fabulous Comments:

I looooove scarves. I think Ive worn one to work every day this week!

I love that scarf with the first outfit best of all! That's a great look! I think I like it that way better than against the purple dress. ANYway, it is a gorgeous scarf. The only accessory I seem to have these days is dog hair. I need a trip to World Market asap!!

Those shoes are killer. I need them. :)

I LOVE those shoes... I'm on the hunt for new leopard print flats myself! My go-to accessories these days are my yellow bubble necklace and leopard scarf. =)


The scarf belted on the dress is fabulous!

I'm just starting to do scarf's, but I have to admit some of the colors are AMAZING!

I love using scarves as an accessory... Granted it's still WAY too hot for that here in AZ. But soon I hope.

I think what is off in the one picture is the waistline. The pant waistline seems a little high, and then the blue sweater kind of shortens it more. Maybe if you had untucked the white shirt so that it lengthened you a little?

I have never really worn scarves, but I really like them. I need to step up my own fashion.

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