October 10, 2012

WIWW - fall!

So one day it was still summer, and the next day it dropped like 30 degrees and voila, fall is here, all at once.  So this week I have a few fun things...

First up, I was sent this headwrap ages ago from Maybe Matilda and I finally got to try it out - I love the fun of it!  I wasn't sure I could pull the look off -you know, one of those things you think looks great on other people, but you're unsure if you can do it - but I gave it a go.  I thought it was helpful to leave a little hair out in the front.

It was a great way to add a pop of color to my plain outfit that day:
I met Rachel of Maybe Matilda at the Queen Bee Market at SNAP last year - her things are really cute - I know because I've seen them in real life.  And she's super awesome.  So be sure to check out her shop.

Yes, you see that right - it's boot weather!  See, even the girls know it:

On Sunday (it was actually before it turned really cold) I wore the new bold skirt I got off of one of those Facebook Grab A Deal things... I love it!  The only issue was that in the front where the stripes meet at a point, the black matched up to a white - weird.  Like the whole thing was off 1 inch.  So I just wore it backwards because the back was sewn correctly.
With the cold weather, I busted out the Fleece Jacket that I made a couple of years ago - still love it.  I just wore fancy boots for the picture:

Anyways, fall is here.  Then I wondered if I could transition my mint jeans into fall or if they're just a spring/summer thing.  I paired them with a gray sweater and sweater boots.  Thoughts??  Are the pants to light of a color for fall/winter or does the gray balance it out?  I don't know...
Are you busting out fall clothes yet??

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18 Fabulous Comments:

I love the headwrap - so super cute! and I still love that jacket you made - classic!

You are one of those people who can wear a headwrap it looks like! I really like your boots in that outfit, but adore the girls wearing their boots! Your jacket is awesome - I wish I was that talented! Oh, and yes, I think mint is wearable into the fall and winter!

I'm pretty sure I couldn't wear a headwrap like that, but it's SO cute, and I love the color and those boots! It's my favorite outfit on the page. :-)

Cute! Where did you get those awesome brown boots?

You are so cute! I love the mint green jeans and gray sweater...what a great color combination and it totally works for fall/winter. :)

I really like the mint jeans with the gray boots/sweater! adorable! :)

I love the jacket you made and the girls look so cute in their boots and skirts

Oh my gosh, I love your brown boots!! And that fleece jacket is adorable, I would never guess it was handmade. The mint & grey look really good together.

I love the headwrap, and your boots are adorable!

Thanks for the review, Mandy! It looks great on you--you can definitely pull it off, you look awesome! And I love the boots, too . . . I need to get myself some cute boots for fall, but I haven't found any I love yet. Yours are adorable!

Love those brown boots! You are too cute!

you are so cute! that picture of you sitting on the porch needs to be like broadcasted! it's like perfect!

I'm wearing my bright turquoise "summer jeans" today with brown boots. I think it makes it appropriate for fall :)

I loved every thing but the grey boots with the grey sweater and mint jeans. The sweater an jeans worked but the boots were too much grey. I would try the grey mint combo again with your brown boots and a chunky brown bracelet.

I'm loving the grey and mint paired together! And that jacket you made is AWESOME!!! No.... no fall weather yet in AZ. Still wearing capris and shorts...

I love the head wrap. I'm normally not someone who would wear one, but I'm living in another country, and can't seem to get a good hair cut. Even when I describe what I want, they cut it too short. I'm thinking a head wrap might be the way to go. :)

You really pulled off the head wrap. Love the girls in their boots. Thanks for linking up this week!


The mint & gray are cute! Winter needs some color and you pull it off well!

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