WIWW – polka dot jeans

I love seeing how to wear something in several different ways, so I thought I’d show you some ways I’ve been wearing my Polka Dot Jeans…

Just so you know:
–I bought mine at Target for $22, but I know you can find them other places as well.
–They aren’t quite “jean” material – they’re softer, not so denim-y
–I tried them on in the store and they were super tight on the thigh – so I went up a size thinking they’d shrink, etc.  But they grow during the day and the thigh area is fine, but the booty area gets pretty baggy.  So stick with your size.
–I am no fashion model.  I enjoy seeing “real people” in outfits, so I guess that’s the look I’m going for….

First up, paired with a casual tshirt (also from Target) and comfy TOMS – easy peasy:

Any solid color cardigan will dress it up a bit – here I went with light yellow.  I should probably be wearing cute shoes…

Even dressier, this flowy peach top, chunky heels, and rust jewelry:

Denim is all the rage.  I wish my top were more chambray, but oh well.  And I think I’m slouching to make the pants look high-waisted.  Green accessories and wedge shoes to pop some color.   I think this was a better look in real life:

Orange and gray pair well together – I don’t love this top, but I liked it more than the last time I wore it:

You can’t go wrong with a plain white top and fun accessory color.  I recently got this ruffled top from The Chic Orchid because I love a good deal.  I’m wearing those poofy white sandals that some of you don’t approve of:

 Polka Dots also have a fall look when paired with this mustard sweater:

Jackets are all the rage for fall – and they go well with polka dot jeans.  Enjoy the awesome picture via my 3 year old:

 I just wanted to show you more of this turquoise military-style fitted jacket – – a friend was heading to a Thrift Store sale – I couldn’t make it, so I told her to grab anything that was calling my name.  I love having a personal shopper – she came back with this, that was $4.  Score!

So, let’s hear it - do you have thoughts on polka dot jeans?  Patterned jeans in general?  A favorite look from above?

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    I just LOVE the turquoise jacket and now I’m going to have to find me one! I love it with the polka dot jeans as well. I think I’m a little scared to wear them but you pull them off well!

  2. says

    I agree with Roxann. Love that turquoise jacket – even when paired with polka dot jeans! As with everything else, you can manage wearing them and looking cute. I wouldn’t recommend polka dotted jeans for hardly anyone else. :-)

  3. says

    That jacket is a serious score! That white top is fantastic as well! I am a bit scared of skinny jeans myself but they look great on you! Way to wear your polka dots!

  4. says

    Loved this post and those jeans are fabulous! I had to laugh when you said, “I am no fashion model. I enjoy seeing “real people” in outfits, so I guess that’s the look I’m going for.” because those were the exact thoughts I had when I did my own similar post today (15 ways to style a black dress). Your fashion posts are one of my favourite things about your blog :)

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