November 23, 2012

Black Friday - Silhouette DEAL!!

I know this is what a ton of you have been waiting for (because this is at the top of your Wish List), so let's get right to it.  And if you have a Silhouette already, keep reading - there's something for you...

The Black Friday Deals Page at Silhouette - you will go to that page and you'll need to use the code "SUGARBEE" for the sale prices to work.

You NEED a Silhouette Machine, so you can whip out projects like this on a whim (don't judge the straightness - these we made by my class of kids at church) -
And make custom tshirts - and cover your house in personalized wall vinyl - and make the cutest cards this world has ever seen - and on and on....

IF you want the CAMEO - - it is $229 and comes with all the CAMEO stuff, PLUS Silhouette Studio DESIGNER EDITION!! (that's a savings of $119.99 - wowza!) - more info on the software down below...

IF you want the PORTRAIT - - it is $179 - a great low-cost alternative to the Cameo.

If you can't decide, here's the comparison:

Also, for other things you might need....
WHAT?!?!  40% off!!  That means it's time to buy sketch pens, rhinestone kits, vinyl and more vinyl, carrying cases - - all the stuff you want, grab it now:
And included in that 40% off - you could grab the limited edition Silhouette Advent Calendar:

Winner of the Portrait Giveaway from earlier in the week:  Renee R - congrats!!  I just sent an email your way!

If you're wondering about the Designer Software, here are some of my thoughts:
  The 2 things I'm most excited about using the upgraded software 
--making my own rhinestone shapes!  normally you can't resize rhinestone shapes, but with software you can take any size of shape and make it into a rhinestone template.
--the cross-hatch ruler - I use scrap pieces on my cutting mat a lot, and I'm always trying to reveal the cutting mat and then counting squares, etc - - with this software as I move my mouse there's a ruler on either side indicating exactly where I am - it's awesome.

Other features:

Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition contains all the same functionality as Silhouette Studio® plus the following designer features:
  • Ability to open, manipulate, and cut .svg files
  • Rhinestone tools to convert designs into rhinestone templates and create your own rhinestone designs
  • Sketch tools to convert designs into several styles of sketchable art
  • Creative knife tools to allow you to clip designs using different patterns
  • Enhanced eraser set to modify designs with more precision
  • Built-in ruler and guide lines for precise alignment and drawing

REMEMBER - to buy the special deal, go HERE and use the code "SUGARBEE" - happy shopping :)

If you want to see some ideas of what I've done with my Silhouette in the past:

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