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Hello Sugar Bee readers!
I am super excited to be part of Mandy’s guest post extravaganza.
Today I will be sharing the tutorial for these adorable Boo Boo Birdies.
My name is Heather and I blog over at Twin Dragonfly Designs where I share epic craft projects, yummy recipes and simple sewing tutorials ~ all while raising twin boys.  I would love to have you visit!
Seriously how cute are these Boo Boo Birdies though?! 
I was inspired to create them after seeing all of Mandy’s Owie Owls and had pinned about a million owl and bird softie ideas.  These little guys are actually filled with rice and can be heated or cooled to make nearly any boo boo feel better.
Let’s get started shall we?
First you will need to gather all of the supplies.  This is an awesome scrap buster project, so gather up your scraps and get cutting!  For each bird you will need:
Two pieces of fabric cut into a tear drop shape {approx. 4.5″ x 7″}
One triangle piece of fabric {about 2″ x 2″}
One strip of fabric for the ruffle {1.5″ x 6″}
One piece of ric rac 4.5 inches long.
Six inches of yarn.
Rice {I buy the cheapest, largest bag of rice I can find}
Two buttons or fabric paint
Other sewing supplies.

Start by creating the ruffle.  Set your sewing machine to the longest stitch with the tension left loose.  Stitch a line right down the centre of the strip of fabric.  Then gently pull only the top thread, causing the fabric to ruffle and bunch up.
Sew the ruffle, ric rac and triangle onto one piece of fabric, creating the birdie features.  At this point you could also sew on buttons for eyes if you wanted.  I used Tulip fabric paint which also stands up well in the freezer and the microwave.
Next use the yarn to create three loops and pin them to the top of the birdie body, sandwiching the yarn between the birdie front and back, right sides together.
Now stitch the birdie body together using a 1/8-1/4 inch seam allowance.  Don’t forget to reset your tension and stitch settings after having created the ruffle.  Leave a 2 inch hole at the bottom for inverting.
Invert the birdie and fill it with rice.  I use about 3/4 cup of rice per bird.  Sew the hole up, add fabric paint eyes and you are all done!
These would make perfect stocking stuffers and get well gifts! 
Created assembly line fashion, they are quick and easy to make.
I would love to have you visit Dragonfly Designs sometime.  Here are a few project highlights:
DIY Superhero EVERYTHING.  Bedroom, desk, beads, party, earrings and even drawer pulls!
Thanks for having me Mandy!

xo Heather
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