November 30, 2012

Button Christmas Trees - Kristina Grapes

Button Christmas Trees
Howdy! I’m Tina, I blog over at Kristina Grapes. I’m a newly engaged, soon to be college grad, and love to be creative to help cope with all the anxiety life throws my way! In the words of my finance, my blog is a mix of decorations I sew, paint, glue, or otherwise construct & life.
Now for the tutorial. I normally make gifts for all my family, but this year I wanted to extend the homemade to the gift wrap. I made these little button trees to attach to gifts as a bonus!
These are simple & inexpensive to make. You’ll need a healthy button stash, wire, ribbon, and wire cutters.
1. First thing’s first. Sort through your stash for about 8-12 buttons that will stack easily on each other. I try to mix plenty of reds, greens and neutrals.
2. String on your buttons to about 18 inches of wire. You won’t need all that wire, but you’ll need the wiggle room. If your buttons have four holes, just string through the opposite holes.
3. When you get to your top button, sting the wire through so it creates a loop to slide a ribbon through. Make sure your ribbon is halved perfectly, then pull the wire tight.
4. Loop the wire around an extra time to secure and trim.
5. Lastly, tie it off with ribbon! I left a loop before I made my bow so I can attach to gift, or hang them on my tree!
Button Christmas Trees
Thanks for having me Mandy! I hope you guys enjoyed! Look out for more holiday posts on Kristina Grapes! Below are some of the all-time popular posts on my blog. I’d love to see you there!

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These are so cute! I'd love to do this and attach them to gifts. Might be fun for the kids to try too!

These are adorable! We recently came into a LOAD of buttons and I think this will be a fun project for the kids! We've been doing lots of button crafts lately. Thanks for sharing!

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