November 2, 2012

Coming Soon - Sugar Bee Shops - - get in on the fun

Athem, attention please - - announcing the third annual Sugar Bee SHOPS!!

Sugar Bee SHOPS runs from Black Friday through Cyber Monday - best shopping times of the year.

What does this mean to you??

Shops - -  it's a post that will run from Black Friday to Cyber Monday (yes, this includes the biggest shopping day of the year for small businesses, SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY), and will list a paragraph and links and photos about any shop (approved by me) that wants to participate.  
That way you're out in front of those who want to do online shopping.  Spots are $25.   I am taking shops in order of who contacts me - there will be about 20 shops and last year's spots all sold out.  Email me at mandybeez at gmail if you're interested in snatching up a spot.

Shoppers - - We all know one of the best ways to shop is from the comfort of home!  So easy and convenient, not dragging kids along, etc.  And we all know the super-cute stuff is online in handmade shops - perfect gifts!  Check out the blog after Thanksgiving for a few days while some great shops showcase their goods.

Have a great Friday!

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7 Fabulous Comments:

I am so excited about this :] I will not be participating this year as a shop owner but I definitely look forward to doing some much needed shopping. And I love that I can stay home, shop and still get great deals on items you can't find n stores. Thanks for posting this :]

this could be cool, just emailed ya

This is so awesome! I would love to participate :) definitely emailing you right now!

Buying online is a good idea for many reasons but not having to fight the crowds. waste gas (especially if you live out from a town a ways), time elements, weather.
For us (SS recipients) it will be a bit harder since from our payday in Oct. to Thanksgiving we have 5 weeks between and don't get paid til after Thanksgiving and the same from payday in Nov. to Christmas, another 5 weeks. Our payday (4th. Wed. of month for both of us) is due on Christmas day this year so who knows what SS will do about that.
But the 5 weeks is the hard part. We won't be able to do much at all this year. So many items we buy have gone up so much but we're still dealing with same amount of money and that cursed 5 weeks between. OUCH. I know many people still have it very hard financially so I'm not saying it's harder for us but for many seniors it is very difficult.
I usually make all the gifts, paper ornaments but sending them to people makes it more expensive. I sent a little bitty box with barely any weight, it was almost 8$, come on. Even the thrift stores have raised their prices, it gets scarier every month for so many people, not just us seniors. We want to give gifts but it's gotten harder every year since most of our family and friends are in other states.
Ok are you going to holler at me? Hope not. Happy Week. Love your blog.

Hi! I'd like to participate! How do I contact you?

Just emailed.... hope there is more space. This is the first time I have heard of the SHOPS and I'm super curious! :0)

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