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I warned you, I was going to post even though it’s Guest Post Extravaganza.  I didn’t want to wait because by the time that’s over, the Countdown to Christmas would have already begun.  So, while you have downtime this holiday weekend, or sometime next week, crank one of these out:

It is a printable from Kiki & Co and she was kind enough to send me one to try out.  I used to be sad that I don’t have a color printer – until I realized I just need to send them off to be printed – duh!  So I sent the files off to OfficeMax and I love the professional print quality.  You print the house off on cardstock (The sheet under it, which has the little messages, is just regular paper because I was being thrifty).

I recently got a box full of goodies from X-acto, and they were PERFECT for this project.  That new Z xacto knife was amazing and just what I needed.

Take the X-acto knife and carefully cut three sides of each little window – that way they will open like a flap:

Then I used the Elmer’s Dot Runner to adhere the house cardstock paper to the paper that has all the clues.  Then when you open the window, you reveal the scripture/activity behind it:

With The Christmas Countdown House, there are several options in printable packets – you can get all scriptures, which is under $3 – or you can get all activities – which is under $3 – or you can get a combo (that’s what I got) that is $4.95, so it’s part activities and part scriptures.

Anyways, I had a foamcore board from Elmer’s and I cut it down to size to fit the Countdown House.  That x-acto knife cut through the foam core like a dream!

Again, use the glue dot runner to adhere the house to the foam core, and that’s it!  My Countdown House is ready for Dec 1st – those windows and doors are just begging for children to peek inside:

And FYI, in addition to the house and the scriptures/activities, there are printables to go along with your kit from Kiki & Co – yep, they’re included!  Love this printable:

Big thanks to Kiki & Co and X-acto and Elmers for providing some of the supplies used in this awesome project!!

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