Crafty Couple Tshirts

Today I have a spin on What I Wore Wednesday….

I wanted to have this up and running for my Shoplocket post earlier this morning, but I was behind.  I made the shirts late last night, which means I had to take pictures early this morning before Trevor headed to work – like 6:30am early.  Luckily my 3 year old was awake and able to take some pictures….

 Um, maybe not :)   So plan B, individual pictures – -I cropped mine tighter than his – I’m not the same size as him in real life….(remember, I’m short!)

—ANYWAYS, a few weeks ago I had this great idea to make tshirts for Crafty Couples – – think of those on your Holiday Gift List that are hard to buy for….those where she’s crafty and he just doesn’t quite understand.  It may even be a quirky gift for yourself and your significant other.  I’m betting everyone out there knows someone who would appreciate (or groan at) getting these shirts….They’re only $13 each (that’s a great price for a quirky tshirt) which makes them $26 for the set.

I added a little glitter to the scissors on the woman, but I’m not 100% sold on the glitter – maybe I should have stayed with the plain black.  So let me know (you might need to shoot me an email, mandybeez at gmail) if you want glitter scissors or plain scissors.

And with Shoplocket you can buy them right from here – so easy!

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