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During the fall and winter time you never know when it’s going to rain or snow on a cold day. So far this week, it has rained in this very cold weather twice! I wanted to put on my stylish blazer but also cover my hair that I took all morning to fix. So, I had two options: Wear a hoodie and look not-so-stylish, or layer a hoodie under my “fits-perfect-blazer,” which will just make me appear bulky. If only I had a cute, stylish blazer with a hoodie cover attached! Well now I do and so can you! Today I will show you how to DIY a hooded blazer!
You Will Need: 
A stylish blazer. (I sepia’d the picture so you could see it better)
 A black T-shirt you no longer need, or black knit fabric.
 A shirt w/a hood you like to make your pattern from. (I used hubby’s)
  • Pattern Tracing Interfacing Paper, or any kind of paper you choose to draw your pattern on.
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Black Thread that matches the Hood.
  • Pen/Pencil to trace hood
  • Sewing Machine
  • Serger (optional)

Fold your Hood in half lengthwise and flatten on top of your paper or PTIP. 
 Trace the outside w/your pencil or pen and use pins to mark the bottom of the hood. I placed an ironing pad under so that I can pin through the paper and leave a mark.
I connected the bottom dots with my pen and here is my pattern thus far.
 I added 1/2″ Seam Allowance all the way around, add 1″ to the front of the hood, the part that goes around your face. I forgot to do this on the pattern, and did it in the next step w/the fabric.
 Now place on your shirt. The grainline goes up and down on the pattern, which means it goes up & down with the length of your shirt or the grain of your black fabric.
 I cut the fabric out and added that extra 1/2″ at the front to make it 1″ total on the front.
 I marked an X on both of the insides of the hood w/chalk so that I know which sides are the inside.
Take the pattern off and pin from the bottom back to the top of the hood. 
 Sew w/a zig-zag stitch & Serge where you pinned. Serging is optional, you can use pinking shears to trim or just trim to 1/4″. Here it is sewn and serged.
 now open it and serge the bottom and serge all around the top.
 Here it is after it is serged. If you don’t have a serger, just make sure the edges are clean and leave them be. Knits don’t unravel.
 As you can see the hood bottom doesn’t fit on the collar band bc it is too long. So baste the bottom of the hood 1/4″ from the edge and pull the bottom thread to make it smaller. 
 Here, you can see after you baste and spread evenly that it now fits on the collar.
 Now I pinned to the collar band, where the collar meets the band.
 I sewed in the ditch (or tried to) using the same color thread as the hood bc you won’t be able to see the thread on the collar bc it is where it folds. Here is the back of the collar (where it folds).
 Here it is sewn in the ditch at the collar, and how it looks on the inside of the collar.
 All done! Here is what it looks like on the jacket :)
 Here it is w/the hood up.
 And here it is on me.
 Side Hood
 Back of Hood
 Front of Hood
Hope you love this tutorial! I will be doing this to many of my blazers. Plus you can tuck it into the back and hide it inside your jacket.
If you’d like to see more tutorials like this one, my baby bump progress, or OOTD’s, come on over and follow my blog:) 

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