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 Hello everyone!  My name is Nichi (sounds like Niki) and I blog over at The Mandatory Mooch.  Growing up I was always mooching food off of my dad. Hence my nickname “Mooch”.

Today I’m sharing a fun tutorial for Edible Snowflakes.  These fun creations will be a great embellishment for your holiday cupcakes and cookies.  

Melt white chocolate or vanilla almond bark and put into piping bag with small tip.  I prefer almond bark because it sets up quicker.  Draw or print a snowflake design onto paper and put under wax paper for template.  Pipe design slowly onto wax paper.

Complete snowflake and slide design under wax paper to begin the next flake.  Let dry completely.
Brush with Wilton White Pearl Dust, found at most hobby stores in the cake decorating section.
Pipe a small amount of chocolate or almond bark into center of flake.  Top with a blue (or color of your choice) Wilton sugar pearl.
The finished product!!
Carefully peel snowflakes off of wax paper and place on cupcakes or cookies.
I even made some different sizes along with my daughter’s name for her birthday cake.  She loved it and I hope you do too!!

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Thanks!!  ~ Nichi

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    these are so cool! I am always looking for fun recipes for the holidays and this one is great! They look beautiful and I love the addition of the dust. Keep up the great blogging!

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