November 21, 2012

Fresh Cranberry Relish - Planned in Pencil

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I'm insanely excited to be here today sharing one of my families favorite holiday recipes.  Thanksgiving and Christmas both mean one thing.... FOOD, and lots of it!

I don't know who decided that this was a good idea.

I'm definitely terrified of a food that holds the shape of the can it was packaged in, even as you try to serve it.


(My deepest apologies if you love this stuff, we can still be friends, I promise!)

Mmmmm.  Fresh Cranberry Relish!

1 Package of Fresh Cranberries
1 Orange
1 Apple
Sweetener of Choice

My parents have an old fashioned, all metal hand crank for making this stuff.  Several years ago my mom bought them for my sister and I off of eBay for Christmas.

I love this thing!

Don't despair if you don't have an antique kitchen utensil though.
I've also made this using my KitchenAid and its Food Grinder Attachment, and also just your average food processor.  Use what you've got!  That's my motto!

Wash your fruit very well, you're going to use the peal of the apples and all of the orange rind as well.

Cut everything up into pieces that will fit into whatever piece of equipment you have.

Get cranking! (or grinding, or processing)

Warning, right now it's going to start to smell amazing.

When you've got everything processed go ahead and stir it all together.

Add your sweetener of choice, not a lot though, don't cover up that wonderful tart cranberry taste.

Growing up we always used Maple Syrup to sweeten ours.


You want to make this at least 24 hours ahead of time because the flavors continue to meld and it just gets better.

Speaking of getting better.  Try some fresh cranberry relish on your leftover turkey sandwich, or make pinwheels using crescent rolls, turkey, cream cheese, and just a bit of relish.  It's delicious!

Happy Holidays from me to you.

Thank you Mandy for having me today!

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5 Fabulous Comments:

That's funny. . .This is EXACTLY what I did last night. With almost the identical grinder. :) Your recipe ismy family's "family recipe." . . .Sugar though, not maple syrup. :) I'll have to check out your blog!

I appreciate your cranberry relish and love your recipe. However I feel I must defend the canned cranberry sauce. When you make sauce from fresh cranberries and sugar the taste is the same as the canned. However the can offer the perfectly shaped mold to allow for a smooth texture that true cranberry sauce lovers appreciate. :0)

I swear it tastes better with the old grinder! Ive made it lots of ways but my favorite is definitely with the grinder and it's a good workout to boot!

I knew that would be an interesting statement to make, lol! I stand by my previous statements, especially the one that we can still be friends even if you like the canned stuff.

It looks delicious, homemade anything is a winner in my book. I am in love with your food grinder!

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