Glitter LED Candle – The Pink Flour

Glitter LED Candle from The Pink FLour

Hi, I’m Megan from The Pink Flour and I’m so excited to be guest posting at Sugar Bee Crafts today! My blog focuses on crafts, recipes, parties, décor and more!
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Are you looking for a simple gift to make someone for the holidays? Or maybe you want to dress-up some candles you have already? Well, the tutorial I have for you today can do just that and can be done in under 10 minutes. If you’re like me, then you’ll like anything that helps you save time during the Holidays!



  • LED candle (or a regular candle)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Glitter

I measured the circumference of the candle and then cut 3 pieces of tape that same size (my husband will be proud I used circumference because he’s a high school geometry teacher :). Then, I wrapped the tape around the candle at the bottom, top and about a third of the way up the candle.


Next, I sprinkled glitter onto the tape, tapping off the excess (I like to use a cardboard box to work over so there’s not glitter everywhere!) Since not all of the glitter came off from taping, I used a piece of blue painter’s tape to remove the rest of the glitter.


And there you have it – dressed up candle in 10 minute or less! You could choose to add more strips of tape and different colored glitter for whatever holiday or occasion. How cute would it be to use red glitter with a white candle and make a candy cane candle? There’s so many possibilities!

Many thanks to Many for allowing me to guest post! I hope you like my tutorial and you stop by The Pink Flour – here’s a peak at some of the things you can find there :)

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