Hair Experiments

I love trying the hairstyles on Pinterest on my girls….

some more we’ve tried lately:

The knotted headband – -

here’s the original version from Cute Girl Hairstyles:

The Knotted Braid Headband | Braided Hairstyles

I liked this and it wasn’t hard to do.  I did it on dry hair so next time I would spray a little water or gel on it.  I also think I could have made my knots less tight – next time.  It was cute and something a little different.

Fishtail French Braid – 
This was a quick hairdo – easy to fit in before school – -

And here’s the inspiration – of course I can’t find the original – if you know it, please let me know!  I think it looks a little better below because it’s adult hair and thicker than kid hair….

Do you have any good hair tutorials you’ve come across??  Feel free to share links in the comments…

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  1. says

    AGH!!!! Girls hair! I’m dying to think that next year Grace will be going to school and we will have to “do” her hair everyday…I seriously can’t even put a braid in her hair. I’m envious of you skills!!!!

  2. says

    I think there should be classes on how to do girls’ hair. I understand how to do a french braid, but I always lose the third strand. What am I doing wrong?! LOL.

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