Holiday Dress Alert

Hey everyone – – I didn’t want to wait til after Guest Post Extravaganza in case you have holiday parties coming up….

I have been shopping online like crazy these past few days – it’s so fun!  Anyways, today I bought myself 2 new dresses from eShakti – I don’t have an event to wear a holiday dress to, so church will have to do.  Here’s what I got:

 The red one is the holiday one, and black one is just because I liked it!  The red one I found in the “overstocks” section, so don’t forget to look there.  Also, you can try typing “red” into the search box.  The black one I ordered with 3/4 sleeves for a more winter look.

eShakti is my new favorite dress place – they are custom fit!  And you can change the length, sleeve type, neckline, etc – it’s awesome.  And all that custom-ness, for a very reasonable price.

On top of that, you can get $25 off if you use the code “MANDYBEYELER” at checkout (yes, I own that turqouise dress from this summer – LOVE it!)

Just so you know, apply the code at checkout in the “gift certificate” box and NOT in the “gift card” or “promotional offer” box. and the order value should be $50 or above to redeem the $25 gift certificate.  So if you find a cheap dress in the Sale or Overstock section, add a top or another dress to your order to bump it over $50, then you’ll get $25 off, which means you’ll get 2 things for $25, or $12.50 each! (if you hit that magic $50)

Anyways, happy shopping :)

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