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Hi again Sugar Bee readers! Shatzi from Love and Laundry here and I’m so excited to be back with a fun Thanksgiving Kid’s Craft! It seems just like yesterday that I was here sharing for Halloween!

Speaking of Halloween, my goodness it was busy this year! I don’t remember a year with so many fun activities planned. My husband was joking that they should re-name it Hallo-week. Hehe!! But, really, our kids had so much fun! So much fun, in fact that I couldn’t find time to get them to help me with this craft. So instead of my cute kids showing you how, it’s just me – kid crafting my day away while the kids are at school. I’m planning to finish the rest of these napkin rings with my kids next week because we’re hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year!

indian corn napkin ring

This is really easy to put together. And fun for kids to pick out the buttons! Here’s what you need:

napkin ring supplies

Craft Sticks (I used 10)
A 4-inch x 5-inch piece of felt
Assorted harvest color buttons
2 pieces of skinny ribbon
Glue (regular white glue won’t stick to the felt, you’ll need either Tacky glue or Hot Glue for that part)

Start by gluing the buttons onto the craft sticks. I just used school glue to put these babies on.
napkin ring step 1

While that is drying, glue the ribbons onto the back of the felt. I was out of Tacky glue so I used hot glue. If you’re using that option, be sure to supervise kids very closely so they don’t get burned.

napkin ring step 2

After all of the glue is dry, then glue the button filled craft sticks onto the front of the felt and let that dry.

When it’s completely dry, you can roll it up, tie it together and stuff it with a Thanksgiving napkin.

napkin ring step 4

Isn’t this going to make a cute kid touch at our Thanksgiving table?

indian corn napkin ring finsihed

Thanks, Mandy for having me today!

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  1. says

    Oh my gosh Mandy, the napkin rings are so cute and easy, inexpensive to make. I love, love it. Is it necessarily a kids craft, I’m going to make some? Trying to think of a way to adapt that for another use. Awesome, so glad you shared it.
    Glad also I found your blog a while back thru a blog hop link I think. So love reading blogs and seeing the incredible projects you bloggers make. Before I started reading blogs I didn’t think there were that many people that crafted or repurposed furniture or sewed.
    I’ve been so stimulated I have a hard time getting to sleep thinking of all the projects I want to do. I’m an older person, 72, creating, crafting, saving money, repurposing furniture, sewing.
    Our daughter tells me she can’t believe how much more animated I am now that I’m a blog reader. I’m always working on something every day or planning to make something. I like to see how a project I see can be adapted to another use or way. Happy Weekend.


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