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Hey everyone!  I am Brooke from Babblings and More.
We are SO excited to be a guest on Sugar Bee Crafts!!  We love doing crafts and projects that are cheap, easy and adorable.  Today we are going to show you an adorable Old-Fashion Candy Dispenser.  This is a fantastic center piece for the Christmas Season!

But first, let me tell you about our blog…
I am one of four sisters who contribute to Babblings and More.  My sisters and I started our blog to keep in touch with one another and show each other what we are up to after we all got married and moved away.
We named our blog Babblings and More because Babblings means to utter a meaningless confusion of words and that is exactly what we do!  
In fact, my dad still calls me Babbling Brooke…

This Old-Fashion Candy Dispenser is SUPER easy!  
All you need is… 
Baby Chicken Feeder (you can find at any local feed store) for about $3,
 a Small Mouth Quart Mason Jar,
and three large bags of M&M’s.

You fill the Mason Jar up with M&M’s and then it just screws onto the chicken feeder.  That’s it!
The best part about it is that you can change out the candy depending on the season.  You can use Candy Corn for Halloween,  and different colored M&M’s for each season.  
It is also great for portion control because you can only eat a few M&M’s at a time (great for kiddos!)

Thank you SO much for having us at Sugar Bee Crafts today!  We LOVE meeting new people and making new friends!  So stop by and visit us at Babblings and More!

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